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5 Pros of Owning a Sited Static Caravans for Sale Devon

5 Pros of Owning a Sited Static Caravans for Sale Devon

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Caravanning has become a popular way to travel for millions of UK tourists. Recent estimates suggest that over two million Brits go on caravan holidays annually, and that number keeps rising.

Now, these figures aren’t spontaneous. They’re inspired by the numerous leisure and economic perks that caravans provide.

This article shall highlight the top five benefits of owning a caravan, focusing on sited static caravans.

What Are Sited Static Caravans?

Static caravans are prefabricated structures designed for holidaymakers to live in. They’re also known as holiday homes.

Static caravans are meant to be parked in specific sites instead of being towed behind a vehicle. That’s their primary distinction from touring or motorized caravans and the reason these holiday homes are also known as “sited caravans.”

Devon is one of the popular destinations for UK caravanners. So, it’s unsurprising that there are dozens of sited static caravans for sale Devon.

However, purchasing a static caravan is a highly involved decision. That’s because there’s always the option of renting one. Besides, you could opt for motorized caravans if you prefer to explore fantastic tourist destinations on the go.

Why Own A Sited Static Caravan?

1. Sited Static Caravans Provide Easy Travel

Static caravans offer a hassle-free travel experience, especially when compared to touring vans.

Once transported to a picturesque spot, you won’t need to tow your static caravan wherever you go. This eliminates the stresses encountered by motorized caravan travelers, such as running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere or having to maneuver through treacherous landscapes.

Static caravans cure the challenges of long road drives while holidaying. Simply purchase the van and get it sited. You can then retreat to your holiday home whenever you please.

Since static caravans must remain sited in permanent locations and in direct exposure to the elements, it’s important to purchase a van of durable construction. Aluminum is preferable for its sheer strength and lightweight design.

Experts also recommend weatherproofing your static, especially if you frequently go caravanning in the dead of winter. Insist on a van with central heating and double glazing for maximum insulation.

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2. Sited Static Caravans Let You Reconnect With Nature

Static caravans offer a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Although stationary, these vans are typically sited in scenic environments, allowing you to soak in nature’s splendor.

Waking birds chirping melodiously or strolling through lush greenery can provide many mental health benefits. It’s a reminder to appreciate the simpler things in life.

However, your static’s location will determine if you enjoy a breathtaking view. Be sure to site the van at elevations with clear perspectives of the rolling landscapes or pristine waters beneath.

You also want to ensure no other static caravan in the park is blocking your view. Have the holiday home installed on a raised platform if need be.

3. Sited Static Caravans Offer an Excellent Sense of Community

Living in a static caravan lets you socialize and network with people from different walks of life. It can help to establish connections that last beyond the holiday season.

Devon is one of the UK’s most visited counties, so there will always be newer people trooping to your caravan park each month.

Even if you’re not outgoing, static caravan parks offer a close-knit community atmosphere where many lifelong relationships can be born.

Most parks are spacious enough and contain (or are located within walking distance of) essential amenities, such as restaurants and swimming pools. There are also kid-friendly facilities, allowing you to retreat with your entire family.

4. Sited Static Caravans Aren’t Static in the Actual Sense

Mobility is the primary distinction between static and motorized caravans. For on-the-go travelers, the idea of having your caravan sited in one location all year round may seem a bit repulsive.

However, it’s great to know that sited static caravans aren’t 100% stationary. These holiday homes may still be transported to newer, more scenic locations.

Even more reassuring is that Devon has numerous static caravan parks. If you’re new to statics, you could start by siting the van in Devon’s medieval towns as you immerse yourself in the county’s rich history.

Have your holiday home in one spot for at least a year as you take in the sights and socialize with local communities. Then, get the van transported to Devon’s other beautiful locations, such as its sandy beaches and quaint villages.

5. Sited Static Caravans Are Affordable In The Long Run

Most brand-new static caravans cost between £30,000 and £50,000. Some statics may set you back up to £100,000 or even more.

Paying a lump sum of £100,000 for a static caravan may seem inhibitive for some travelers. That’s especially considering you can always rent the van for less than half the cost.

However, holiday homes are only expensive when you consider the upfront payment. Owning your static is far more affordable than the cumulative rental costs.

Living in your own static caravan also reduces ongoing maintenance expenses, as you can always customize the van to suit your needs.


Sited static caravans offer numerous benefits over their motorized counterparts. Owning a holiday home is also cost-effective in the long run. Remember to conduct extensive research before buying a sited static caravan in Devon. Factors like the construction material, weatherproof features, size, and parking fees should all go into picking an ideal static for you.

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