5 popular types of carpet – how to choose the best for your home

5 popular types of carpet – how to choose the best for your home

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Some people might choose the carpet for their home based on how much they like it. Some might base their decision on price only. But, you can also get familiar with the types of carpets and learn how to choose the best one for your home.

The carpets are divided into two categories. The first category is the source of carpet fiber used to make a carpet. The second category is how those carpet fibers are cut, looped and piled. Having said this, carpets can be made of natural or synthetic fibers. Further, carpets are categorized by being cut pile, loop pile, and both cut and loop pile. Carpets are also graded, from low to high grade.

Synthetic fiber

Synthetic fiber is the most common fiber used to make carpets these days. It comes as no surprise because natural fibers are more expensive than synthetic ones. There are also wool synthetic blend carpets that combine the advantages of both worlds. Those carpets are comfortable, natural-looking and highly durable and less expensive than their natural counterparts. Synthetic fibers used to make synthetic carpets are polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, triexta and nylon.

Natural fiber

If you’re looking for a carpet made of natural fiber, look for those made of wool, seagrass, coir, jute, sisal, and cotton. Most commonly you’ll stumble across wool carpets as these are comfortable and durable which are two main categories we all look for when in the market for a new carpet. So, if you’re looking for a carpet made of natural fiber, look into each fiber type and find the one that works best for you.

Cut pile

Cut pile carpets are characteristically soft, comfortable and also deemed as easy to maintain. This is because the carpet fibers are cut at a specific height, from low cut to high cut and all height variations between low and high. The fibers are also twisted which adds to that luxurious softness and pleasant comfort levels.

Loop Pile

Loop pile carpets are different from the ones that are cut at a certain height. The carpet fibers aren’t cut, they are just looped at a certain height and left intact. This is why they look like they have a texture because each fiber loop isn’t sheered off. The fiber loop textures can be different and the height of tufts can be different as well. They can also combine both, low tufts and high tufts and increase the textured feel. These carpets are also known for their multi-level loop.

Cut and loop pile

If you’re on the market for both the cut fiber and looped fiber, you can have both if your chosen carpet is labelled as cut and loop pile. The yarn used for the carpet is cut to a certain fiber height, but it’s also looped to create a different carpet texture.

Carpet grade

Carpets come in three different grades, each one defining the quality of a carpet. Carpets that won’t last as long are labelled as low quality. These carpets will last up to five years and the material used is lightweight.

Second grade is the one between low grade and high grade, medium grade. These carpets have a lifespan from six to even double. They are of better quality than the low-grade carpets, but they are still not as quality as the ones above them All in all, they are of solid quality and have a solid lifespan.

High-grade carpets are the best of the best. They will last up to twenty years because they are durable, heavy and made of quality long-lasting fibers.

Now that you know how to understand the terms your carpet salesperson will use, let us give you some tips to choose the best one for your home.

Is it easy to maintain?

You might fall in love at a first sight when you find the carpet you like. But, will that carpet be easy to take care of and maintain? They all look beautiful when they are new, but can you extend their lifespan with proper maintenance? People in Australia are known for using regular carpet cleaning Newcastle services to keep their carpets looking new. So, look for carpets that are easy to maintain both on your own and through professional carpet cleaning services.

Consider the purpose of the carpet for each room

Not every room will need a soft, fluffy and heavy carpet. Some areas like your hallway will need a carpet runner that provides comfort, absorbs sound and is durable and equally easy to clean. Your living room requires a larger carpet that will nicely provide comfort, fit nicely into the decor and is also of high quality and durable. So, take the needs of each room into account before choosing the carpet.

Look at the grade level

Carpets can be of low, medium and high quality. Each quality level means that it will last a certain time and it also implies other qualities of the carpet. So, if you can read the warranty on the carpet, please do. Consider the warranty but do not make your final decision based on the 5, 7 or 10-year warranty.

The budget

There’s a difference between types of carpets and the main difference is their price. Obviously, the quality, size, density and underlay will determine the price. High-quality carpets might require a bigger budget because this is a long-term investment. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most

expensive one. To rent a carpet cleaner just research the market, so you’ll know the precise range and you’ll make the final decision based on the quality.

Now that you’ve extended your knowledge on the most important characteristic of a carpet and you know how to choose the best one, you’re ready to refresh your home with a new carpet.

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