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5 Furnace Installation Mistakes To Avoid

5 Furnace Installation Mistakes To Avoid

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As temperatures dip and winter’s chill sets in, many homeowners are considering installing or replacing their furnaces to ensure a cozy living space. However, a simple oversight can have a significant impact on furnace efficiency, safety, and longevity.

Therefore, it is imperative to be aware of the furnace installation mistakes to avoid. This knowledge can not only save you from discomfort but also from potential hazards.

Here are the five furnace installation mistakes you must avoid:

1. Selecting an Incorrect Furnace Size

One of the most common blunders in furnace installation is choosing the wrong size. Homeowners might opt for a larger unit thinking it will heat their home faster or a smaller one to save money.

But a furnace that’s too big can lead to short cycling, where the furnace frequently turns on and off, leading to inefficiency and wear. Conversely, a too-small furnace won’t adequately heat your home. Always consult a professional when you need a furnace installation Weiser ID to calculate the correct size based on your home’s square footage and insulation.

2. Connecting the Ductwork Poorly

Even the most advanced furnace can underperform if it is connected to leaky or improperly sized ductwork. Why? Because ducts that are not sealed correctly can lead to heat loss, decreasing the efficiency of your system.

In addition to this, if the ductwork is too small, it can restrict airflow, leading to overheating and potential damage. Periodic inspection and maintenance of your duct system are essential to ensure the efficiency of your furnace.

3. Ignoring Local Building Codes

Each region may have specific building codes related to furnace installation, venting, and clearances. Not adhering to these can result in safety hazards, fines, or even the necessity to redo the installation. It’s always advisable to be well-acquainted with local regulations or hire a professional familiar with them.

4. Neglecting Proper Ventilation

A furnace requires adequate ventilation to function correctly and safely. When there’s insufficient ventilation, there’s a risk of carbon monoxide buildup, a deadly gas that’s odorless and colorless.

Ensuring that the furnace room or closet has proper ventilation and that all exhaust vents lead outdoors is critical. Additionally, carbon monoxide detectors should be installed near the furnace and in sleeping areas as a safety precaution.

5. Skipping the Professional Installation

With the myriad of DIY videos available, it might be tempting to install a furnace on your own. However, this is one area where professional expertise is invaluable.

A qualified technician not only ensures that the furnace is installed correctly but also performs a series of tests to ascertain its safety and efficiency. Skipping professional furnace installation Weiser ID can lead to the aforementioned mistakes and even void the manufacturer’s warranty in some cases.


When it comes to furnace installation, cutting corners or attempting to save a few bucks can prove costly in the long run. Avoiding these five furnace installation mistakes can help homeowners make informed decisions, ensuring a safe, efficient, and long-lasting heating solution for their homes.

Whether you’re replacing an old furnace or installing a new one, always prioritize safety and efficiency over quick fixes.


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