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5 Digital Marketing Optimization Tips For GC Firms

5 Digital Marketing Optimization Tips For GC Firms

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Gone are the days of construction work being a completely hands-on enterprise, with the advent of online commerce causing some general contractors to humorously rebrand themselves as “digital contractors.” All jokes aside, there is no denying that digital marketing and online lead generation are critical for GC success in 2022. With this in mind, keep reading to find out more about 5 digital marketing optimization tips for GC firms. 

1. Be a King of Authoritative Content

Creating authoritative, longform content is at the heart of helping any business rank for SEO. However, GC firms are in a unique position to maximize ROI in this regard due to the explosion of home improvement and DIY projects. Thanks to HGTV and construction-based YouTube personalities, everyone turns to digital content and tries their hands at being a home improvement professional.

But if you post all of the answers on your website, won’t it keep people from contacting your business for help? In theory, yes, but the benefits far outweigh the risks. As home improvement how-to content is some of the most watched, replayed, and shared content on the web, quality construction content can quickly go viral. This will help your website rank for SEO and will put your business in front of thousands of new eyes searching the topic.

So for every visitor who uses your content as the solution to their problem, you will generate many times over that number in terms of new leads. There is also the possibility that people attempt a DIY project on their own and when they realize they don’t have the expertise to do it correctly, your business will be well-positioned to field the call when they enlist professional help. 

2. Carefully Management Marketing Assets

The construction industry relies heavily on partnerships, vendors, resellers, and subcontractors. While the hope is that all parties can work together to seamlessly achieve a common goal, the reality is that a lot of inefficiency arises as part of this delegating process. 

Much of this can be attributed to poor marketing asset management. Marketing assets refer to any types of products, promotional materials, advertisements, or any other asset that may drive sales or contribute to the revenue of your firm. In many cases, professionals don’t have access to these materials when trying to win a new client or close a sale, resulting in a message that is weak, inefficient, or watered down from what your company envisions. By investing in a digital asset management tool, your GC firm can ensure that all parties are working together to contribute to a unified marketing message and that all parties have instant access to the digital assets they need for success. 

3. Be Attuned to the Competition

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Honestly, one of the best pieces of digital marketing advice for GC firms is to simply check in on the competition. Scour the websites and social media accounts of related businesses and see what is getting customer interaction. Take note of the aspects of their digital footprint that you find particularly effective. 

In the world of digital business, “stalking” or checking in on your competition has never been easier, so perform a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, risks) analysis of their digital marketing strategy and incorporate what you like into your own business. 

4. Equip Your Website with an Elite UX

You have probably heard a lot about UX design recently. It is one of the fastest growing fields in the world. And there is a reason for it. A strong UX can be the difference between winning a customer online or causing them to defect in a matter of seconds. Some factors that contribute to strong UX include:

  • Having high-quality images, logos, and catchphrases on the homepage instead of cumbersome text
  • Ensuring that all pages on your website load quickly and without glitches
  • Making customer service easy to locate
  • Providing convenient links and tabs to keep customers browsing

As a GC firm, you may not have the knowhow to optimize UX for your website in-house, so enlisting the services of a professional web designer may be a necessary consideration.

5. Appeal to Your Local Audience

Although digital marketing theoretically gives your GC firm a global reach, your revenue will be generated locally. Never forget this. It is critical to design your online marketing with a local angle. Demonstrate past projects your business has done in your area and show how your firm is involved in the community. Not only will this type of specificity make your digital marketing efforts more manageable, but it will get you in front of a target audience that is more likely to be interested in your services. 

Use These 5 Digital Marketing Tips and Watch Your GC Firm Thrive

Having a strong digital marketing footprint is critical for GC success in 2022. To this effect, creating authoritative construction content, carefully managing marketing assets, being attuned to the competition, guaranteeing a strong website UX, and remembering your local audience are 5 great digital marketing tips that can help GC firms increase their profits online.

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