5 Custom Features For Your Luxury Home

Envisioning a luxury home is one thing, but building and designing one is another. Surprisingly, some (if not most) homeowners find it challenging to achieve their dream home even when they have the budget for the project.

Its a good thing if you already know what you want because all you need to do is find the right people to help make it happen. But what if youre new to owning luxury homes and dont know where to start? It can be challenging for you. Fortunately, you can visit leneeva.com.au or similar sites for tips and ideas on your project. Alternatively, you can read on to find out what features to add to your luxury abode.

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Custom Luxury Home Features To Have

A luxury home isnt just defined by its expansive size or the number of rooms. Ultimately, its all about the design and the different features that are custom-built and put together to create an opulent ambiance. It also has to complement your lifestyle and allow you to live comfortably and elegantly.

Speaking of custom features, heres a roundup of some you might want to consider in your very own luxury home:

  • Spa Bathrooms

The bathroom is one space in your home where you can go all out when redefining luxury living. You want to create an ambiance that makes going to the bathroom feel like a welcome retreat, not just for you but also for guests and visiting family members. To make this happen, consider recreating the soothing feeling of relaxation and tranquility you thought you could only get from the best spas worldwide.

The bathroom experience has recently seen a lot of innovation, including heated flooring, expansive shower sections with head-to-toe water jets, towel warmers, and a soothing soaker tub. Hot rooms, saunas, and even waterproof screen mirrors that double as TVs are custom features you can find in many upscale bathrooms.

  • A Gourmet Kitchen

Kitchens are non-negotiable in any home, but a luxury home shouldnt settle for just about any ordinary kitchen. As you look for inspiration online or visit a colleagues house, youll realize that your idea of building a kitchen shouldnt involve typical tricks and hacks. A custom gourmet kitchen is a feature youd want to have in your posh home to complete the high-end experience.

An open, well-organized kitchen is a must-have in every luxury property. Think of a walk-in pantry, wine refrigerators, warming drawers, and top-notch appliances, to name a few. Additionally, ensure it has multiple ovens, lots of workspaces, and an indispensable kitchen island with bar stools.

Knowing that the kitchen is the heart of the home, youve got to put in a lot of effort and investment in making sure you have a gourmet kitchen that can wow people long after youve served them coffee or dinner. Consider adding a coffee bar, double sinks, touchless faucets, and even motion-activated drawers for the ultimate high-end feel. And dont forget luxury lighting that accentuates every intricate detail of your gourmet cooking space.

  • A Home Theater

Movies, anyone? But this time, you dont need to leave the confines of your luxury home, thanks to a custom home theater or movie room that you can design and upgrade however you please. You can modify your screen size, utilize a projector or monitor, and select unique chairs and sound systems for a more luxurious theater experience.

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Change how you define Netflix and chill with your family and friends as you enjoy cozy weekends at home. You can also consider adding smart controls for the room, such as phone-controlled visual and sound systems. Dont settle for clunky lazy-boy seats—go for plush and sleek seating options that you can adjust and control from your tablet or phone. Add a snack bar and a fridge for the final touch, so your food and drinks are never out of reach.

  • A Wine Room

If youre like most luxury homeowners, you love entertaining guests and holding intimate gatherings on your property. Your elegant home deserves to be in the spotlight every chance you get, so why not invite friends and family over when theres an opportunity? And, of course, no gathering would be complete without cocktails and spirits to entertain everyone.

The space is typically temperature-controlled, and you can install a biometric security system in the entryway. A custom-built and elegantly-designed wine room or cellar will surely make your home the talk of the town, even when you live in an exclusive neighborhood with plenty of mansions and upscale properties. Moreover, its the best place to store your wine collection while highlighting your expensive taste.

  • Expansive Outdoor Area

No luxury home will ever be complete without a beautiful outdoor space that makes entertaining so much more tasteful. You can plan an expansive porch with a fireplace or a large deck with a built-in fire pit for the perfect weekend rendezvous. To complete the alfresco experience, add an outdoor kitchen with all the high-end appliances you need to prepare and cook delicious food each time theres an event at home.   

Another investment that pays for itself is an outdoor pool area that you can enjoy all year long. Upgrade your seating options with trendy and upscale outdoor furniture pieces that complement your interior and exterior décor. For ultimate relaxation and opulence, consider building an infinity pool that gives the illusion of an extended horizon. Finally, be sure your outdoor lighting is spot-on to illuminate your beautiful backyard. 


Your luxury home deserves all the best custom features to reflect the true definition of luxury and style. Consider these features mentioned above if you dont know where to start or if you plan on renovating your home for the foreseeable future.



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