5 Curious Interior Door Design Concepts

Entryways in your home are incredibly important and often underestimated when it comes to design. If you want to refresh a space in your home without a serious renovation, it may be time to think about your doors. Interior doorways connect rooms in your home, provide privacy, and you probably use them very frequently, so why not make them a focal point in your space? If you’re unsure where to start, here are 5 curious interior door designs to inspire you when you want to give your home an update.
Sliding Barn Doors 

Photo Credit: @kira_turner on Instagram

Sliding barn doors are a great way to add a little rustic charm to your space and they work well with both traditional and contemporary design. Though this style is most popular in the farmhouse chic or rustic decor styles, in recent years we’re seeing extremely modern sleek doors hung with sliding hardware. They are excellent as singles in between kitchens, pantries, and offices. For more ideas, check out these 5 Ways to Use Interior Sliding Barn Doors in Your Home. They’re incredibly functional and a great solution for saving space as they sit flush against the wall when opened. Sliding barn doors can be made from any typical door material and are mounted to a single rail near the ceiling allowing them to slide open and close easily. They can be fitted as a single or double door depending on your space, and are perfect for pantries, closets, or rooms lacking space.
French Doors 

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Installing interior French doors in your home are a great way to open up a space and work well with both modern and traditional design. The glass panes allow light to flow into a space and they also provide great ventilation when left open. For added privacy or to block out light, you can easily install curtains which you can keep open or closed depending on your preference.
Bold Colored Doors

While neutral design is timeless and safe, especially for rental properties, a great and unexpected way to add color into a room is by painting an interior door. Choosing a bold, bright color for a door in a neutral space is a subtle way to add a pop of color that brightens up the space. One of the best things about painting a door in your home instead of an entire room is, it doesn’t cost a lot, and you can easily change it when you want to switch things up.
Antique Wooden Doors

Photo Credit: @burlaprosesrevival on Instagram

Antique doors come in a variety of styles from different eras and are truly unique. Installing one into your home is a wonderful way to create a one-of-a-kind design in any space. A beautiful antique door can create a focal point in any room. Mixing contemporary with traditional can make your space look effortlessly timeless for years to come, outliving all the latest trends. Check out local garage sales and vintage shops to find the antique door of your dreams.  
Arched Doors

Photo Credit: @gdhomedesigns on Instagram

Arched doorways are incredibly popular right now, and this is definitely a trend that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon as they’ve been around for centuries. This classic style can create a beautiful, dramatic entryway in any space. ETO Doors crafts beautiful arched doors which can be fitted with single or double doors and made from multiple materials like wood, glass, or iron suiting a range of styles including contemporary, rustic, traditional, and even Mediterranean. Read more on mistakes homeowners make with their doors.

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