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We are living in the 21st century, which is driven by technology. People live fast-paced lives, and it is essential to have smart devices that turn our homes into an intelligent haven where everything happens automatically for us after long working hours. Here is a list of the five outstanding Google home items in 2022. 
Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation) 
Music, the greatest joy of life, must be appreciated. Just invest $99 and see how the Google Nest Hub turns your life around. It acts as a speaker for music and also plays the critical role of a screen for your Google assistant and serves as a vital communicator center.  
You must position the Nest Hub on your nightstand, and the soli radar chip will detect how well you sleep. Don’t worry; it isn’t a creepy person staring at you all night; it is a contactless tracking that will be so friendly that you will forget that there is something around you. 

  • You have the privilege of using air gestures to work with the device.  
  • You can snooze your alarm whenever you want and even pause and play YouTube videos.  
  • These gestures aren’t always active, but they act like superpowers when they are. Oh, and the sound is even better; Google has enhanced the base by 50%, which is a vast improvement compared to the first-generation Nest Hub. 

These are perhaps why this product has been able to manage google reviews and stay on top of the game. 

August WI-FI Smart Lock 
The worst feeling at night is constantly thinking about whether the door is locked or not; after all, safety these days is a significant concern. With the kind of lifestyle we lead, we don’t have enough strength to worry all night, do we? The August WI-FI Smart Lock will assist you in getting peace of mind.  
You must tell it to lock and unlock the door, and it will. It also lets you track who comes to your house, how often, and during what hours. Let’s say you’re not at home and the dog walker or the parcel you ordered online shows up at your doorstep. You can instruct this innovative device to unlock the door even when you’re not there.  
It is one of the most glorious smart locks and the most sought-after Google home items. It is an ideal complete package. The installation process is a piece of cake; the Doorstep feature helps you know when the door is left ajar and has excellent interoperability. The parts are brilliant, and it is a super-convenient device in your house. These are clear reasons why personal reputation management has excellent reviews for this product. 
Nest Doorbell (Battery) 
This product offers excellent video quality and has other intelligent features like vehicle, person, and package detection. It also provides three hours of video rolling for free! It is all stored even if your internet connection or power goes out. You can view all the footage of people coming to your house. Personal online reputation management for it is brilliant owing to these features. 
Ecobee Thermostat (5th Generation) 
Our home is synonymous with comfort. At home, we want the ideal temperature to help us relax. The Ecobee Thermostat is fantastic for regulating the house temperature.  
Your voice assistant will guide the product to regulate the temperature of each room properly thanks to the remote sensors of Ecobee. They don’t only detect the temperature of the room but also the occupancy. It means the product will warm up a room if there are people, even in the coldest parts of your house, to offer great comfort. 
It offers Spotify support, too, and has impressive speakers. Do you know what that means? The Thermostat is ready to provide top-notch entertainment to you too. The speakers will play a little music in the background if you want to feel lively and groove. It might not function like those powerful speakers that blow up the house with musical sounds, but it is excellent for a small space like your room. Retail reputation management is a considerable challenge, but not with this outclass product. 
Wemo WI-FI Plug 
The Wemo WI-FI Plug has much to offer, considering its compact design. It might not provide energy monitoring like other smart plugs but is highly compatible with principal intelligent assistants like Siri.  
The best part is that it comes with a switch button; when you don’t feel like using your words and sound to do the deed, you can click the Wemo switch instead of relying on an application. It also comes with an “Away” mode which will turn on a lamp to show that you’re at home. Personal reputation management is undoubtedly easy for these products. 

Now you must get these devices if you want to change your ordinary house into a smart home full of ease and comfort. It is the best way to upgrade your lifestyle and enjoy the comfort of your own space. It will change your life for the better, in an intelligent way! 


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