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5 Benefits of Using Industrial Backpack Vacuum

5 Benefits of Using Industrial Backpack Vacuum

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A backpack vacuum cleaner is generally regarded as a specialized tool beyond general vacuuming. It provides special functionality, such as high volume of dust, the capability of dealing with hazardous/unusual dust, or stronger vacuuming of heavy debris.

At times, facilities shift from sweeping to vacuuming that brings great improvement in efficiency, safety, and cleanliness. Using an industrial backpack vacuum cleaner in business comes with numerous advantages. Some of these include the following:

1. Greater Reach

A backpack vacuum has a greater reach when compared to other types of vacuums, like canisters and uprights. Since it is often worn on the staff member’s back, it is much easier for them to reach even higher points, like air conditioning vents, upper door facings, and ceilings.

A backpack vacuum is also great for reaching tighter spaces, including pantries and closets. This helps to prevent operators from having to change to a handheld unit to reach those tighter spaces. In addition, a backpack vacuum is important for cleaning offices because of the waist-high surfaces, such as sinks, countertops, and desks.

2. Lightweight

Many backpack vacuums are lightweight when compared to canister and upright vacuums. With their lightweight nature, it is much easier for individuals to go around as they vacuum different spaces.

The best thing about backpack vacuums is that they are very easy to store because they are small in size and don’t weigh much.

3. Versatility

Backpack vacuums, by their designs, are versatile machines that you may take anywhere you walk. That makes them suitable for cleaning floors, especially in large commercial spaces, including event spaces, conference rooms, hotel lobbies, gyms, theaters, and restaurants, to name a few.

These vacuums are also important for any cleaning business, including residential and commercial settings. But even a homeowner can benefit from these types of vacuums, especially those with multi-level and larger homes.

4. Minimized Cord Hazards

With a vertical backpack vacuum, you will minimize the risks that come with plugging cords into a wall. This is because the cord is often gathered underfoot, presenting a risk for users.

Plus, cords tend to get damaged and used over time. These damages are risky as they may cause electrical fires or shorts. But with a backpack vacuum, you will not put your janitorial workers at any risk.

5. More Ergonomic

There are a lot of injuries related to cleaning reported every year. Mostly, these injuries result from overexertion and poor ergonomics, and as the business leader, you have the responsibility of keeping your staff safe and healthy.

With the backpack vacuum’s weight balanced on the staff’s back, vacuuming will require less frequent as well as extreme and leg than when using traditional floor vacuums. Not to mention, backpack vacuums allow users to have a natural posture when cleaning, thus reducing soreness and inflammation.

The Bottom Line

Buying a backpack vacuum is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make, especially if you want to clean your office efficiently and quickly while minimizing physical strain on your staff. In addition, a backpack vacuum cleaner is also important if you are looking to enjoy fresh air in the workplace by getting rid of pet fur, pollen, dust, and other small particles, which may cause allergies as well as other health issues.


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