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411 Pool DeckingCost & Facts Resurfacing Guide

411 Pool DeckingCost & Facts Resurfacing Guide

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Ushering into the half of this year, you checked if everything in your properties was in place. Then you noticed that your swimming pools need a revamp. The time is right for you to begin your med year planning.
Today’s post is your guide to your pool deck resurfacing. How important facts are about costs, steps, and the best option for your pool deck sealing. All these ahead!
What are the Factors to Consider for Pool deck Resurfacing?
Here is a quick rundown of what essential things you need to consider when planning your pool deck.

  • Type of your pool
  • Pool size
  • Area size
  • Location
  • Pool deck material
  • Pool deck coating and finishing
  • Pool decking cost
  • Maintenance

How to Calculate Your Pool Decking Cost?
Costings. Not everyone enjoys calculating costs. Are you one of those who try to make friends with numbers but to no avail? However difficult it is. You need to come up with an estimated cost for your pool resurfacing project. Just focus on the essential aspects.
Assess what those are from the list below.
Area size and location
The first thing that you want to do is to get to know your place. Your pool deck materials and design will depend on your location. Some materials will not work for non-humid areas.
The size also determines how much materials you will need to buy. If you find that your estimate did not fit your area, you may still want to modify or combine the type of materials you will use.
Here is a summary estimate of pool decking cost per square foot.
Small pool decks size: $ 100 to $ 300
Medium pool deck size: $ 300 to $ 800
Large pool deck size: $ 700 to $ 1,300
Pool Design
What type of pool do you have? Are you planning to build an inground pool or an above-ground pool? A high-end commercial pool or for residential?
Labor Cost
The pool size and the design will determine the labor cost. One way that you may think that is cost-saving is DIY pool resurfacing. However, whoever does the labor quill has to think of the following.

  • Schedule of the project. Are you able to finish it in the said duration?
  • Commitment. Will you commit to working on the project from start to finish or decide to let the experts do it?
  • Tools. Do you have the right tools? Buying the tools, you don’t have will just make you pay the same price as hiring professionals.
  • Accuracy. Thought of what you would do if your initial steps failed? Reworking a faulty pool resurfacing will double your fees, making the experts the best choice at the end of the day.

The average cost for labor for your pool decking ranges from $1 000 to $12 000. An average-sized pool with a basic design will fall from $3,000 to $8,500.
Repair and Maintenance Cost
Assess your pool if it needs only resurfacing or a brand new pool decking system. You will then compare the cost to refinish the pool from a new installation. See which of the following is what you need to apply:

  • Pool decks crack repair
  • Resealing pool deck coatings
  • Patching the pool decks with epoxy floor coatings
  • Enhancing the look of the decks with stamping
  • Pool decks staining

Maintenance tells you if the cost is worth it. You may want to save costs at first by using cheaper materials. Or you feel like DIY will cost you less. However, you need to look at the durability of your pool deck system.
Supplies, Contracts, and Sub-contracts
This topic now lets you know the things to keep in mind when hiring professional pool contractors. Sometimes, professionals feel like they are asking for too many fees. But when you can break down what covers the professional expenses, you’ll realize that there are a lot of factors you need to pay yourself that equate to the same amount the experts ask. How do you do this? Local experts of concrete floors contractor Orlando advised every client to look at the essential factors about their contractors. They must be willing to communicate the project and provide a free quote when they do an initial site visit.
Take a look at this shortlist of facts involved when hiring expert pool contractors and installers.

  • Suppliers. Who and where will you get your materials from?
  • Subcontractors. Will your contractor hire a separate subcontractor? You need to consider the cost.
  • License and certificate. Hiring an expert should be worth your cost. They must be licensed and certified with skills and credentials they earned from years of training as professional installers and workers.


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