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4 Tips To Preserve Indoor Air Quality At Renovation

4 Tips To Preserve Indoor Air Quality At Renovation

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Home Vendor News 4 Tips To Preserve Indoor Air Quality At Renovation

Renovations are often a sign of development, may it be for your home or business property. Whether you’re adding a new level to the building or remodeling the whole place just so it can suit your growing needs and changing preferences, a renovation is the start of something new and exciting. But as exciting as it may be, it’s also an indication of things getting messy, dirty, and even unhealthy at some point.
Construction projects of any sort involve air contaminants that can negatively impact indoor air quality. While you can’t control the release of dust and particles, you can do something to at least avoid further contamination of indoor air. Here are some methods you can try to preserve indoor air quality while your property is being renovated:

  • Prepare Tools And Equipment For Worksite Containment

Your contractor will surely have their own construction tools and equipment, but there’s no assurance that they’ll extend the preparation to what you need to maintain the air quality at the worksite. You can be proactive and do the necessary planning and arrangements to ensure that you can preserve the quality of indoor air as much as possible.
An example of an arrangement you can make is buying or renting a commercial air purifier that features multiple options for multiple air purification, among other functions. Commercial-grade equipment can prevent your family or employees from breathing in germs, mold spores, dust, and viruses. Aside from having a purifier at the renovation site, you can also run air purifiers in other areas near or surrounding it, such as offices and rooms, since particles can travel from one place to another while the messy work is ongoing.
Another method is to ask your contractor to install plastic barriers so you can easily contain the worksite. This is highly effective in renovations that don’t involve tearing down the whole building or structure. The barriers can protect other areas that aren’t involved in the construction process.

  • Stick To Your Construction Timeline 

The longer the construction duration is, the more exposed you’ll be to dirty particles that can compromise indoor air quality. That said, it’s best to ensure your timeline will be followed so there won’t be any need to stretch the project longer than necessary. Be specific when negotiating with the contractor, and let them know of your intention to make the renovation as quick yet seamless as possible.
Scheduling the renovation at a good time of the year is also recommended. When it comes to big projects like reconstruction or remodeling, sunny days are most ideal. This might help prevent any delays due to extreme weather conditions. However, you should also prepare yourself for price differences in materials and labor. Look for a contractor as early as you can so you won’t have difficulty finding one as your desired start date for the construction project nears.

  • Level Up Your Ventilation Efforts

Proper ventilation can make all the difference in keeping polluted air out of your building. The goal is to push contaminated and harmful particles away from the source and the whole property. A simple method you can do is to place fans by the windows to blow away air. Make sure the fans run continuously so as not to let the particles and dust sit in corners and surfaces.
Aside from ventilation, you need to take care of dampness that can foster bacteria and mold growth. Renovations and remodels are notorious for uncovering moisture signs and symptoms, and you should take advantage of the chance to do something about them. Whether it’s discolored spots, condensation, dripping water, or peeling paint, take the time to check the different corners of the space so you can deal with damage caused by dampness.

  • Clean Regularly 

Cleaning the entire property, especially the worksite, is a must to guarantee the preservation of indoor air quality. Although it may sound like an extra task that can consume your time, remember that it’s necessary to protect the health of everyone living or working in the area. Disinfecting the place regularly would greatly help, more so if you plan to stay on the property while it’s being renovated.
Wipe and disinfect surfaces and items that accumulate dust and dirt, such as the floor and furniture. If you have carpeted floors, vacuum more often, and don’t forget to clean or change the vacuum filters after using them. Doing the same with your HVAC filters and air ducts will also help restore indoor air quality, apart from the necessary maintenance checks. Better yet, consider installing a new HVAC system for better performance.
Final Thoughts 
Preserving indoor air quality is important in keeping your respiratory health in check. Contaminants are inevitable during renovation projects, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to protect yourself from them. So if you have an upcoming renovation, take note of the methods mentioned above to maintain the indoor air quality of your property.


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