4 Things To Consider Hiring Mine Spec Vehicles

Mining can be a challenging feat for both businesses and workers with all the heavy-duty tasks involved with it. This is along with the struggle of getting around a mining area and the health and safety hazards that workers face. Moreover, it is for this reason that mining vehicles and equipment were made. One example of these vehicles is mine spec vehicles.
What Are Mine Spec Vehicles?
Mine spec vehicles can be described as vehicles that were modified and tailored for the needs of the mining activity. And aside from the mine’s requirements, these vehicles are also made to comply with the regulations and standards set by policy-makers. The configurations made to the vehicles allow mining companies to ensure the health and safety of their workers as they face hazardous conditions on mining property. So, in general, the specifications include the safety, function, and performance while on the mining grounds.

With that said, configuring one’s fleet of vehicles to comply with standards for health and safety in mining conditions can be a lengthy process. It may also even be an expensive project to take on which is why you may be considering hiring to attain these vehicles instead. 
As such, here are things to consider when hiring mine spec vehicles:

  • Terms of Hire

Among the common struggles of hiring for your business’s needs is that there’s often a considerable amount of service providers to choose from. Fortunately, knowing what you need and what to look for is the key to choosing a company that’s right for you.
Moreover, these companies make efforts to stand out from the competition through the quality of service they provide along with the overall experience, such as through their terms of hire. 
With that said, making sure of the terms of hire in the contracts of these companies and knowing exactly what your business needs can help you have a better overall experience. This is especially if you’re looking for a long term vehicle hire.

  • Compliance With Standards

Depending on where you are and your company, the standards that your mine spec vehicles must comply with depends. Moreover, these may even change as time goes on, with standards being updated to improve the safety and health of workers as they face mining conditions. 

As such, make sure the mine spec vehicles you’re about to hire comply with the standards of the business and laws. Alongside, you may also check if they’re ready and if they have the means to upgrade their vehicles, should there be any standard updates. After all, standards and policy compliance are one of their main purposes. 

  • Availability Of Repair Services

Often, your mine spec vehicles will deal with heavy-duty work and harsh off-road conditions. Consequently, they could be very prone to breaking down, especially on-site. And as such, check to see if the company you’re hiring offers on-site repair services. By having on-site repair services available, you’ll be able to have breakdowns dealt with immediately, avoiding further impact on productivity.
Meanwhile, if they don’t offer these services, consider checking if they can have the cars towed to nearby repair services. Or, it could also be better if they could give a replacement vehicle immediately if a breakdown were to occur.

  • Modifications, Features, And Accessories

Finally, when hiring mine spec vehicles, it’s also vital to look into the modifications, features, and accessories of the vehicles. In doing so, you can ensure that you get a better experience and fully optimize your on-site operations. 
First, when it comes to modifications, aside from complying with regulations, see if they fit the standards of your mining business. Perhaps, they’ve also configured the vehicle to be more eco-friendly. That way, you could be utilizing sustainable equipment
In terms of the vehicles’ features, consider aspects such as their tires and fuel capacity. This allows you to ensure that the vehicle can stand the varying conditions it’ll face on mining grounds. You can also check if the vehicles come equipped with additional accessories for organization and more. For instance, some mine spec vehicles can be converted into campers, which is ideal if you plan to camp on mining grounds.
Wrapping Up
Mining is often a challenging endeavor for mining companies and workers alike. Fortunately, there are mining vehicles, known as mine spec vehicles, that are specially configured to meet various standards along with functional and performance requirements.
However, attaining these mine-spec vehicles by making the configurations can be both challenging and time-consuming. As such, you may consider hiring instead. Hopefully, the list above has helped you know what to consider when hiring mine spec vehicles.

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