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4 Irreplaceable Tools Every Serious Woodworker Has

4 Irreplaceable Tools Every Serious Woodworker Has

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Woodworking is not as easy as you may think, it’s much more than hammering down some wooden panels – it can be as detailed and complicated as you’d want it to be! With this being said, you simply cannot be a serious woodworker without some of the main tools used for this craft, as innovative as you may think you are getting the right tools is the first step in every woodworking journey! If you want to make amazing furniture like a professional, you need to be equipped like one – here are 4 irreplaceable tools every serious woodworker has!

1.Electric drill

You are probably thinking, isn’t that a basic tool? Yes, yes it is, and that’s why it’s irreplaceable in every woodworker’s toolbox! These days there are even cordless drills, perfectly suited for quick and easy use – no more cables equal fewer obstacles, but it all comes down to your preference and work ethic. Experts at state that having the essential tools in your toolbox will actually help you out more than having one fancy machine. On top of that drills are extremely versatile, so you won’t end up with just one tool – you can add whatever attachment you want and have a multifunctional tool instead! Having a drill in your home is generally a good idea as you can use it for drilling stuff around the house or for whatever DIY project you have, regardless if it’s cordless or not you’ll certainly need one at some point!

2.Table saw

Now, if you are actually serious about pursuing woodwork professionally, or even as a hobby – you’ll need some serious tools! But don’t let that dishearten you, a table saw is not as complicated to use as you might think, sure it’s bigger than your average saw but it’s pretty useful when working on bigger projects, making it easier to cut precisely. The good thing about the woodworking tools is that they are easily restorable, so once you buy them you can use them for years and years, so you won’t end up wasting your money! Altho this is not a beginner’s tool, it’s for those who are a bit more experienced and want to pursue woodworking seriously. It’s adjustable, so you can suit it to your needs and cut however you want – it will actually make the process go faster and your woodworking projects are gonna be on a whole nother level!


Wood isn’t naturally smooth – it’s actually pretty harsh and has lots of texture, so you need to smooth it down on your own! In most cases, your wooden projects need to be smoothed down, so instead of spending lots of time and energy on sanding it by hand, you can use an electrical round sander instead. It’s a bit pricier when you compare it to a piece of sanding paper, but you’ll end up saving manpower, and you’ll do the job so much easier and faster. A sander is pretty useful if you want a precise, smooth surface with zero bumps and textures – it’s the only tool you’ll need. Why spend countless hours doing it by hand, when you can have spotless results in no time!


Sometimes you’ll be working outside your garage, and you’ll need to carry your tools with you – a portable router is one of those things that will come in handy in most situations. Basically, a router is a device used for cutting small pieces of wood, and it’s used for more delicate and precise work. Another good thing about this tool is that it’s multifunctional, so you’ll use it for cutting other materials as well! Depending on your skills, you can create quite unique and detailed woodwork – the sky’s the limit. And the best tool to have when polishing and adding small details to your creation is a router, so you can be as detailed as you want! All in all, this is a useful hand-held tool to have in your toolbox, regardless if you do basic woodwork or make intricate ornaments it will certainly help your projects come to life!


At the end of the day, it’s not like you’ll be spending money on something that won’t be practical – tools are pretty handy to have, and you’ll need them one way or another. Now, if you are serious about woodwork, the best thing you could do is get the essentials first, and bigger more serious tools later, as it will give you a nice start to get into the woodworking craft itself. Choose good tools, as the quality is better than quantity when it comes to things like this!


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