4 Essential Tips for Hiring Subcontractors

Construction is very rarely a one-person job. So long as you're contracting to work on structures larger than a shoebox, you're going to need to hire subcontractors.
As a GC, you can bring on subcontractors to perform any number of important jobs, from wiring the electricity to doing the carpentry and laying the carpet. 
But hiring subcontractors is an art all its own, and it's one you should get good at to improve the product quality and protect your business. Here are four essential steps to build into your subcontractor hiring process.

1. Order Background Checks

Performing comprehensive background checks on your potential employees and subcontractors is the most critical step on this list. Background checks can screen for all sorts of information, from drug test history to workplace injury records. The essential background check service to seek out is employment verification.
What is employment verification? When you order background checks on a batch of potential subcontractors, the background screening service provider will verify candidates' statements about previous work. That means making sure dates of employment are accurate, positive reviews are genuine, and their ability to perform is sound.

2. Make Sure They Are Insured

If you want to keep your insurance policy, you need to ensure your subcontractors are also independently insured. General liability insurance is industry standard, and limits of liability are essential to consider.
Make sure your subcontractors' limits of liability, say $250,000, match your own policy's liability limits. This kind of insurance covers workplace accidents and injuries, property damage, and other workplace mishaps. Protecting your subcontractors also means protecting yourself.

3. Check Their License

No one wants to think that candidates lie on their resumes or in their interviews. But it's more common than you think, and most candidates for jobs who lie don't get caught.
Not all states require a license to perform contract work. But if your state does, make sure the license that candidates claim to hold is legitimate.
You don't need a background check provider to perform this task. You can go to the Construction Contractor Board and look up their license number and name on your own time.

4. Follow Up on Their References

This is a crucial task that many candidates do not actually expect potential employers to do. But following up with candidates listed previous employers is a great way of getting to know them pre-interview.
You want to make sure you're adding competent, professional, and responsible people to your team. According to the most recent official statistics, 2.8 out of every 100 workers suffer a workplace accident or injury. Decrease your likelihood of managing one of the 2.8 by verifying your employees are dependable professionals.

Build Your Business Better

When you implement all these steps, you're paving the way for a better future for your business.
Screening all your candidates, only moving forward with those you're passionate about, and hiring the best of the crop will prove fruitful and gratifying. Take the time to follow all these steps, and you're sure to reap the rewards.

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