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4 Details Needed To Design A Food Establishment

4 Details Needed To Design A Food Establishment

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Opening your own food establishment is an exciting endeavor. Most business owners spend more time making their restaurant or food place look nice than they do in their own homes. Regardless of the size of your establishment, you’ll need to make everything click in order to operate smoothly and keep those customers keep coming back. Here are four very important considerations when designing a food establishment:

1.   Of course, Kitchen

The kitchen is where most of your investment goes and so having the right equipment and layout in there is crucial to your operational success. Having the right arrangement and size determines your restaurant’s maximum capacity to accommodate orders. Many establishments with small and cramped kitchens soon realize that they cannot adequately serve customers. Tampered productivity can sometimes draw negative reviews from patrons.

2.   Decor and Layout

Most people come for the food but many also come because the place is just their cup of tea. It’s either your outdoor seating makes for a good place to enjoy sunlight and good food or the well-combined color palette you’ve applied to your walls and ceilings makes for an interesting conversation piece on a date. Consulting with a restaurant fitout company can help you choose the right color and interior design to match the place’s theme. It’s important that your design must complement your business’ identity; if it’s a family restaurant or a pub where young people can congregate after a hard day’s work.
The layout is somewhat subtle but in no way does it not affect your customer’s experience. Place your decorations, seats, and tables at the right places to give your customers a clear visual path of the place. This also involves the sizes of the different sections in your restaurant. Make sure you consult with professionals on choosing the right dimensions and arrangements.

3.   Lights and Sounds

Perfect lighting and choice of music can help create a better ambiance and can fill up some shortcomings in the restaurant. The right lighting doesn’t only mask some flaws in the interior, it also changes the way the entire place looks. You can either adorn the ceiling with elegant chandelier lighting or place individual lights on tabletops to create a sea of lights across the entire area – whatever that suits your theme.
Music can help fill out the emptiness of the hall, elevates the mood of the staff, and improves your customer’s appetite. But you also have to consider the type of music you’ll play in your establishment. But it’s important that you don’t play distracting or loud music if you’re looking to make your place perfect for conversations.

4.   Restrooms

In the old days, the restroom doesn’t usually get enough attention as other parts of the restaurant have. But modern business practices place great value in having clean and well-lit powder rooms. Imagine how your customer would feel if they have to traverse puddles, suffer musty toilet smell, and unmaintained plumbing when going into the bathroom. If you’ve spent piles of money on your kitchen and dining floor, what’s a little more to have a decent and elegant restroom?
The goal when designing a restaurant is really to enhance the customer’s experience when they dine in. Think of the entire place as an extended garnish, if your clients are comfortable they’d be more pleased with the food you serve to them. Don’t be afraid to be creative as long as you keep your customers first in every decision.


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