4 Benefits of Having a Coffee Machine at Work Site

Coffee has been one of the most liked and popular hot drinks for centuries. Given this, there must be something special about this magical drink. 
Did you know that two cups of coffee can reduce the risk of various diseases and even death?
For more awesome facts about coffee and its positive effects on humans, make sure you scroll down the list and find 4 amazing benefits of having a coffee machine at your worksite! 

Improves productivity

Sometimes, it is not rare that we feel sleepy at work. This can have a great impact on our productivity. However, you can make yourself more alert and focused by taking a coffee break. Indeed, many studies have suggested that we are capable of working for many hours provided that we take short breaks. 
Not only that, but breaks are also essential for better productivity and creativity at work. To that end, a cup of coffee after a long working hour can come as a great relief from stress and fatigue and recharge our batteries. Not only that, but a good cup of coffee can also be rewarding. Each time we do the job right, a cup of coffee would come as a reward, which would reinforce that behavior. 
What is more, coffee at work has been known for being capable of reducing stress, improving job satisfaction, and enhancing motivation. Otherwise, without a coffee machine at work, we would be more prone to not taking breaks which would reduce the quality of our work. To that end, Pure Bean supplies high-quality coffee machines for rent and sale, premium coffee beans, and professional training and service. With one of these, it is almost for certain that you will notice a higher productivity rate at your job!

Saves time

Not having a coffee machine at work will certainly make your employees or you constantly leave the work site in search of a cup of coffee. Although getting out to get some coffee may sound like an easy and fast thing to do, it is actually not quite true. What is more, going out for a cup of coffee can more often than not imply waiting in the long queues, taking time for being served, and many other things that you can be encountered with. All this takes precious time. In addition, if you multiply it by the working days in a year, you will find out that it certainly takes much more time than you might have thought about.

Improves working atmosphere

Good communication between the employees of one company or firm can be essential for the company’s profit and success. First, it will prevent conflicts, and encourage collaboration. Second, it fuels innovation, making the employees more creative, confident, loyal, and innovative. All this powers productivity and builds a culture of teamwork based on mutual trust and help. With a coffee machine and breaks, the employees will have more opportunities to get to know each other while drinking coffee together and thus improve communication. All these aspects are important for a good and productive team that works for a mutual cause.
On the other hand, it has been said that coffee can create sociable, pleasant, and relaxed situations and thus encourage a better working atmosphere and environment. Indeed, a good mood, working conditions, and mutual cooperation can impact staff motivation, eagerness, and achievement. With these factors, they are more likely to be more results-oriented, focused, and proactive at work. In addition, coffee can stimulate and enhance cognitive processes, and combat laziness and tiredness. 

Keeps your employees healthy

Coffee has been drunk for hundreds of years and its health benefits are widely known. For example, coffee abounds with antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, and many nutrients. All this has numerous health benefits on its lovers. For instance, coffee helps you burn fat and lose weight, boost your physical activity, improve concentration, lower the risk of stroke, cancers, diabetes, and various diseases. In short, coffee lowers the risk of death and protects both your body and brain. What is more, coffee can greatly elevate your mood. This is possible due to the fact caffeine stimulates the nervous system and prompts the production of various useful hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline, which have a great impact on your general emotional plane and thus mood. There are even articles that claim that only two cups of coffee daily can prevent the risk of suicide by up to 45-50 %.
Taking into account all these amazing benefits of coffee, there is almost no valid reason why you should not have a coffee machine at your work!

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