3 Ways Employees Take Care of Company Vehicles

Not every company requires vehicles – some simply need an office, although increasingly, even that is not completely necessary. However, if you do need vehicles to keep your business running, you’ll need to ensure the people driving them – your employees – are looking after those vehicles. After all, it’s the business that has to pay for the upkeep, and the better they are taken care of, the less that will cost. With that in mind, here are some of the ways to ensure your employees take care of company vehicles.  
Safety Additions  
Although there are many things you’ll need and expect your team to do when they are driving your company vehicles, there are some things you’ll need to do as well. For the most part, they include adding as many safety components as possible. One option could be a collision warning system, for example, and if this sounds like it might be useful, you can take a look at the Mobileye 8 Connect demo to see how one would work. Other ideas include installing dashcams and ensuring that the vehicles are regularly serviced.  
The more safety equipment you can put into the vehicles, the easier it will be for the driver to take care of that vehicle. They will also feel safer and more confident behind the wheel, allowing them to do their work more efficiently.  
Make A Policy  
Every business needs to have a number of company policies written out for staff to follow. These policies will include everything, from how to lock up at night to how to answer the phone. Therefore, it makes sense that there would be a policy for how to take care of a company vehicle as well.  
Whether it’s a car, a van, or a large truck, the policy can be the same for all vehicles. It will include the fact that any driver must obey the rules of the road, must have a driving license, and must keep the vehicle clean and tidy at all times, for example. You can tailor the policy to meet the needs of your business, so take your time when drafting one, and when you give it to your employee, make sure they read it and sign it and promise to abide by the rules.  
As a business owner, it’s important to understand how to take care of your employees, as well as everything else you have to do within your business. In many cases, this means offering incentives for good work and for following procedures and policies. In other words, you might have a bonus scheme for drivers who keep their cars and vans clean, or perhaps for those who always book their services and repairs in a timely manner.  
The more incentivized an employee is, the harder they will work, so it stands to reason that if the incentives are linked to driving in a safe and sensible manner and taking care of the company vehicle they have been loaned, they will make sure they follow those rules as well.  

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