3 Types of Spray Foam machines for Commercial Use

Spy foam technology has been around for years has gained a lot of fame recently. With the increased need for energy efficiency in buildings, most property owners now seek the most effective yet efficient ways to insulate their homes. And this is where spray foam machines come in. They are commonly used in the commercial sector, and you’ll get different spay foam insulation equipment in the market.  
Here are different types of foam machines:
1. Air-driven systems 
Air-driven systems are the easiest to use appliances in the spray foam sector. They are low-output and can deliver about 25 lbs. of material per minute. These devices are typically used for in-plant applications or as entry-level machines. The good thing about these machines is that they are low cost, making them favorite among many contractors. They require an air compressor to operate in in-plant foam applications. You can learn more about them and other spray foam machines from https://sprayfoamequipment.co.uk/.
2. Electric spray foam machines
 Electric spay machines are popular and are mid-level production units. They deliver between 20-30 lbs. of material per minute and are common in residential and mid-level industrial construction projects.  
Electric spray foam machines offer a wide range of applications, and you can use them with fast-setting polyurethane coatings. 
 They work based on the electric motor and pump technology, which controls the motors to maintain consistent pressure on the applicator trigger. 
3. Hydraulic spray foam machines 
These are high output systems delivering 30-50 lbs. of material per minute. Hydraulic spray foam machines are ideal for various applications. They are common in residential construction and larger commercial buildings. Also, they are useful in roofs and oil and gas applications. 
Thanks to their fast nature, they apply the material faster and more efficiently. What’s more, they are long-lasting with a life span of about 10-12 years due to their robust design. However, the durability will depend on many factors, including usage rates, application environment and maintenance. 
What should I consider when shopping for spray foam equipment? 
 There are various aspects to keep in mind when purchasing spray foam machines. First of all, the maintenance needs should be a major consideration. You want a device that will last long but necessitate minimal maintenance. Also, the unit should be durable, with a long-life span. This will save you a lot on replacement in the future.  
The cost of the equipment also matters. Think of the total cost of ownership, which should include the initial cost of the machine and the expected cost of maintenance. Low-cost devices may cost you a lot in the long run due to frequent replacement of parts and repairs. And this makes it wise to go for quality units. Besides, most experts will advise you to spend more on highly durable machines.  
Wrapping up 
 There are different types of spray foam machines available. You’ll find them in most leading distributors and manufacturers and should purchase from legitimate vendors. Also, choose one to suit your needs and discuss this with the team if unsure what to pick. Think of the durability and the maintenance needs and strive to get the best deals possible. 

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