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3 Tips to Get Higher Rankings On Google

3 Tips to Get Higher Rankings On Google

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Matching the top-notch content with users’ requests and intents is Google’s main task and priority. Being driven by this goal, the search giant is constantly tightening requirements for online resources, thereby allowing only the best sites to appear in top search results. The frequent change and update of SEO requirements and the emergence of new innovative algorithms are forcing site owners to make a lot of efforts to get to the top.
Is it possible to increase your Google rating today? Yes, despite all the technical pitfalls, there are still some simple strategies that will improve your chances of reaching top SERP. Let’s find them out.

Top 3 Tips How to Get High Ranking On Google

How to get off the ground in Google results? It is vital to understand that for this you have to take ongoing action. The following tips will help you improve your arch positions and stay on top of the Google rankings.

Optimize the Mobile Version of Your Website

There is no need to remind you that most users choose smartphones rather than PCs for spending time on the Internet. Of course, search engines are well aware of this behavior pattern and offer visitors those sites that have mobile well-optimized versions. Mobile-First indexing exists to analyze sites for the presence of a mobile version.
For this reason, it is necessary to pay special attention to optimizing the site. It is worth taking care of creating an adaptive version that will offer a convenient interface, quick content access, and simple navigation. Don’t forget about page load speed, optimization of all visual elements, and so on. The loading speed will also affect how your site will rank.

Use Guest Posting Strategy

Creating such content to get SEO backlinks and better promote a resource is a popular tactic used by modern website owners. Having backlinks from reputable resources is always an opportunity to get high rankings. But creating high-quality content isn’t the only option to get some do-follow backlinks.
To get more such links, think about implementing a guest posting strategy. Today, it is very popular because, if used correctly, site owners can get not only fruitful link juice (find out more here) but also an influx of potential consumers.
But let’s get back to the essence of guest posting.  In short, you have to create an article for the partner’s site and embed it with a link to your site. But this is not about advertising posts, but about useful and informative content with your website mentioned.
After posting such an article, your site receives a backlink. In this strategy, not only quantity is important, but also quality. The more popular and authoritative the partner’s site is, the better the effect will be.
To get started with guest posting on your own, check out more about the link-building strategies on the site. Here you will find useful information that will be a good tool to complement your guest posting tactic.
If you are new to SEO promotion, it will be better to use the services of specialists. This will allow you to get quick results, plus save your time and budget.

Make the Quality of Your Content a Priority

Google uses the Google Bert algorithm, which is responsible for analyzing long queries and their meaning. Also, a more innovative neural system that will make this analysis more effective will appear quite soon. What does it mean?
This means that the more informative and useful your content is, the better chances to reach top search results it has. That is, you have to optimize your content and make sure that it:

  • is specific, that is, filled with some long-tail keywords
  • solves the user’s problem
  • is informative
  • is useful
  • share statistics, research, or your analysis
  • is well-structured, readable, and understandable.

Use these criteria to improve the quality of your content. By the way, you can use the above requirements to optimize the existing content on your blog.

Wrapping Up

Use these tips to improve your website, backlink, and content quality. To date, these three tips are the most effective for getting higher rankings on Google. However, don’t expect instant results. Google algorithms need some time to index your content, match it with users’ requests, evaluate their behavior factors on your website, and only then, push your website to the top.


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