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3 Tips for Building Natural Backlinks

3 Tips for Building Natural Backlinks

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The title may seem strange to many readers. The words ‘natural backlinks’ and ‘building’ don’t align. The organic ones should emerge themselves, right? But why do so many companies hire SEO and link-building specialists to create campaigns and implement strategies to make the business more popular, increase conversions, etc.?
It’s because you can manipulate getting more natural links.
There are at least 3 things (that we will talk about) you can use to make your content irresistible.

#1: Offer True Value with Your Articles and Media

Don’t think that a blog on your website is just for throwing keywords here and there to rank better. It’s a tool you can use to bring more traffic and get more grateful clients. You can offer value independently of the products or services you sell. For example, shows how valuable SEO is for the aviation industry.
Invest time and effort in your blog. Research keywords, choose the most suitable ones for the most popular queries of people interested in your industry. Write articles that show a unique view on a problem or phenomenon.
Don’t get frustrated if someone else wrote a piece about this. Your experience, your vision are unique and valuable to the target audience. Share thoughts, hypotheses, proof, arguments, experiences, work moments, issues, and much more.
By creating such a personal brand, you’ll find ‘your’ people that will visit the website specifically to order products, services, and just read the blog. And backlinks will come naturally. Customers will share your thoughts and opinions, which will create a group of user-generated content, which is wonderful for your business.
Bloggers will share your links as well to make sure their readers also have access to important, interesting information.

#2: Create Targeted and Relevant Content

You have full freedom when planning a content strategy. However, it’s important to make it targeted and relevant. Not many people will read a whole article about your vacation insights if you own an agriculture-themed blog. (You can style a couple of insights as an engaging introduction, though. But this is a secret.)
Hire a professional targeting specialist. Research topics, create surveys to find out what people really want to know about. And again, backlinks will come along. Any piece of high-quality, interesting, and well-structured content that was promoted will get mentions from similar sites.
Along with targeting and relevancy, don’t forget about cybersecurity. There’s no way you can build decent natural links if your source isn’t safe. Visit this website to find out more about the value of safety to SEO. Do you want backlinks to work properly for your business? Then take this factor seriously. Google pays attention to the protocols of the website before it’s ranking.

#3: Go Bigger to Impress the Public

Another great tactic is to create large pieces of content. They have to be either better than those of the competitors, or different. In the first case, utilize the skyscraper method. Create a huge listicle or guide with over 50 or 100 facts about your industry, for example.
Or 150 things you have realized while building and improving your business. People like to be impressed, and such numbers will do the job.
Of course, you’ll have to write real facts and insight to keep the curiosity burning. Besides, such pieces tend to get loads of backlinks because you touch different topics there that other bloggers may want to use.
If you want to do something different, conduct research on a topic that hasn’t been updated for some time. You don’t have to hire a team of scientists, it’s not that kind of research. Create a survey and promote it to gather as many answers as possible. Then, create an article that will tell people about the results.
To promote the article quickly and speed up the process of natural link building, consider buying articles with backlinks on relevant blogs. They will promote your new publication and make further promotion a breeze.

Aid Natural Link Building by Focusing on Quality and Creativity

To be honest, even the best strategies won’t work if you don’t offer something interesting, engaging, and valuable in your articles. And it’s not difficult or expensive to do. Writing a full compilation or guide on a focus topic for your niche will help you rank higher and get lots of credible mentions.
These are honest votes from other bloggers, journalists, and webmasters for you as an authority in the industry.
Creating skyscraper content also isn’t difficult. Just combine everything you know on the topic. Hire copywriters and they will find and describe 101+ methods, products, etc. for the piece. The key action here is to start doing something. And if you want to boost the popularity of your post, hire a link builder.


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