2021 Bathroom Vanity Trends: Most Popular Color

Bathrooms should be fine and luxurious where we can go and relax. So if you are looking for remodeling or updating your bathroom, then you need to look at the new bathroom vanity trends for 2021. Bathroom vanities are important for keeping things organized in the bathroom. Their colors are a way to style your bathroom according to what suits you best.
For instance, some colors provide a fresh look to your bathroom, while others will give a classic outlook. Just the color of your vanity can make all the difference. So if you are wondering what color is best for vanities, then this article is for you.


White is the most popular color for bathrooms. Why? Because you can never go wrong with white. It enhances the look of your bathroom, makes small bathrooms look spacious, and makes the bathroom appear clean and elegant. An all-white bathroom is trendy and provides an elegant look to your bathrooms. Moreover, you can also add any color with white, and it will look good.


Another neutral color that is all the rage. It is a versatile color that goes well with many different colors. So you can create exciting color schemes with gray. There are many tones of grays that can be used to create varying ambiance in your bathrooms. In addition to this, cooler tones of grays go best with silver hardware, while warmer tones of gray go best with brass and copper. Victoria Plum offers a wide spectrum of tones for various colors to choose from.


These timeless shades represent the highest quality that can easily be used anywhere. It's known for providing a calming effect. Dark shades of blue can be opted for if the hardware around it is made of copper or brass. Richer shades can be used with marble, giving an elegant and classy look.


Previously used for walls and floors, green is becoming popular as a new contemporary option for vanities. Earthy and subtle greens provide a natural ambiance for people who want to play it safe with colors. At the same time, bright richer shades of green add a vibrant pop of color to your bathroom.


Brown also offers an outside feel. Fresh and new shades of browns can be applied in bathroom vanities for a more luxurious feel. Paired with golden hardware, this striking contrast will add an elegant and comfortable feeling to your bathroom. Mid tones of brown, when paired with a creamy color, can make your bathroom much more comfortable. You can experiment and pair colors with your brown vanity.


It's a color that makes a statement regardless of where it's used. Black was made to stand out. If you want to give a modern, stylish, intricate aesthetic, then you need a black vanity in your bathroom.  You can also use black in spaces and designs that need attention. Black also gives a simple and minimalist look to your bathroom.


Before you decide on the color of the bathroom vanity, you should consider the overall color scheme of your bathroom and the type of atmosphere you want to create. Some colors can create a statement, while others can make you feel comfortable and provide calmness. So carefully look at the option you have to choose the right color for your bathroom vanity.

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