10 ways to design a home office on limited budget

 Work space is your corner from where you fulfill your goals and get inspired to work harder. So, you definitely deserve more than just a desk and chair. Home office space ideas never really turn out to be best for everyone but this is a high time to modify your home work space and lucubrate your work pile. 

Here are some tips and tricks which can help you improve your work space. 

  • Work Space – There should be enough space for you to work and move comfortably. Rather than finding a corner where you will be compressing a small desk and a chair, you can look up for a more open area or you can even go for the smallest room in your house. Also make sure that your work area is away from distractions  and noises where you will be able to concentrate on your work peacefully. 


  • Invest in a good Desk and Chair – A perfect pair of chair and desk is the most important necessity at your workplace. Choose a desk big enough so that you can keep your files, laptop or PC and other things on it and with that a flexible chair. To make your work easier, buy a desk with drawers in it so that your things are placed wherever they are meant to and a chair which can bend easily and has a comfortable arm-rest. You can also add in a cozy cushion to your chair and a nice rug or carpet under your desk. The best in business is furniture outlet OrlandoYou can visit their site and look for outlets. 

  • Add Greenery – A minimal plant decor can never go wrong in your work area. Greens are always soothing to eyes so they relax you after long hours of work. Natural view also helps in reducing stress and anxiety level. If you love decorating with plants, you can place some indoor planters or can always go for artificial planters. Another option can be beautiful landscapes on your wall. 


  • Enough Light – Natural light is very important. Bright sun rays will always give you positive vibes and will keep you going while you work. Place your desk in front of a window and add an adjustable light shade to it. If you are unable to locate such a place, don’t forget to set up a study lamp and fix your room with daylight bulbs to keep the room bright and beautiful.

  • Storage and Shelves – We do not really pay attention to storage when we set up our home office. Storage is very crucial because you definitely need space to put all your paper works or stuff that you own. Best options are to either buy long cupboards or make shelves. The shelves should be of enough length and width to fit your required stuff. To increase your storage further, customize your desk with drawers.  


  • Wall Color – Choose a vibrant wall color if you are into bright and shiny colors. Else a basic beige or any neutral or brown shade is perfect to give an aesthetic image to your space. To give it a vintage look, you can try painting a brick wall. Solid colors are always everyone’s first choice but this can be an innovative idea to decor your room.  Wall colors do mean a lot because if the environment and aura of the room is not suitable for you then it might raise a question in your subconscious mind. To avoid these conflicts, you always have another option to choose wallpapers according to your taste.  


  • Adding Accessories – An office place requires accessories to help you with gadgets and everything. Choose your accessories according to the theme of your room. Your home office accessories may include pen stands, dustbin, planters, a table clock, stick on notes, maybe some candles for fragrance as well. You can build up a cute coffee corner with an electronic coffee machine and your favorite cup.  

  • Manage your Cords – Plan the electricity and wire system accordingly. Do not hodgepodge the entire area with wires. Fix a certain place for your laptop or PC to be settled in and connect the wires to the board in a systematic way. You can buy cord covers and sleeves to be safe and can place them behind the desk or cabinets. 

  • Don’t forget the Floor – Don’t miss out the floor while decorating. If the floor is not furnished well, try sticking floor papers. It can be of solid color or printed paper based on the theme of your working space. After that, layer with a magnificent carpet or rug. 


  • Keep It Inspiring – Hang or place frames or stick posters of the things that inspire you and motivate you the most. It can be your family picture or inspirational quotes posters, can be someone’s picture whom you look up to. Place these in front of the desk so that whenever you lose hope, you look at them to pull yourself together. You can get customized frames and beautiful calligraphy posters online. These will help you to maintain the sanity of your room’s theme. 

Conclusion – These were few of the options that can help you set up your home office. All the options mentioned above have vast choices so research well and get what’s best for you. If you have kids, you can also set up some house rules that they are not supposed to play there or things can get very messy. And if you feel hectic to do all of these on your own, you can always hire an expert or an interior designer who will sort your issues.  

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