10 Things To Know About Manual Kitchen Faucets

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While redesigning or creating a new kitchen space, you have to decide about multiple things. Everything needs to be seen, such as the lighting, paint on the walls, and much more. Amongst the long list of tasks, you must attend to, selecting the right kind of faucets is one of them.
You need to carefully select the kitchen faucet. There are various manual kitchen faucets, including pull-down faucets and many more. Whether you want a pull-out faucet, or any other style will depend on the type of space you wish to create. Once you make the right choice, your place will look fabulous.  

10 Things to Consider While Selecting Manual Kitchen Faucets or Pull Down Faucets

Image Source: Pexels.com

  1. Does the Pull Down Faucet Look Good in Your Kitchen?

It’s easy to find a lot of variety in kitchen faucets. You will see dual-handle faucets, pull down faucets, and kitchen faucets with pull-down sprayers. Each has its unique attributes and suits a specific type of kitchen design. However, most people opt for elegant pull-down kitchen faucets.
Nowadays, you can find unique pull down faucets in different colors and designs. They add to the beauty of an average kitchen. With a high-arc shape, these faucets instantly grab everyone's attention.
They offer a lot of comforts because you can pull down the spray wand and use it easily. Moreover, the pull-down shower head allows you to clean tough and unreachable spots on the sink. So, they offer style and are easy to use.
No matter what kind of faucet you like, it must cater to your needs and go along with the overall theme. Before selecting an expensive pull-down kitchen faucet or any other option, keep this point in mind.

  1. Is the Faucet Convenient to Use?

Image Source: Pexels.com

Convenience matters the most, especially for selecting a kitchen faucet. You have to clean utensils and keep the sink space clear. For both tasks, you must have a faucet, which reaches the required span.
In such scenarios, having the best pull down kitchen faucet comes in handy. It can extend to a considerable length. You can move the long-length faucet according to your need. That is why you see more people opt for kitchen pull down faucets rather than any other type.

  1. Is the Faucet Wand Length Accurate for Your Kitchen Sink?

It’s necessary to check the faucet wand length along with other things. You should decide the faucet length according to the dimensions of your sink. Keep in mind the depth and width of the sink. Deep sinks are more suited for pull down faucets.
An improperly placed faucet will result in the water splashing out or wouldn't reach the correct point. Similarly, see whether you want a full handle or not. Nothing is more appropriate than a pull-out wand if you need a full handle.

  1. How Conveniently Does the Hose Retract?

A well-built pull-down kitchen faucet or any other option should have an accurate size and seamless hose retraction. You should thoroughly observe how easily the hose extends and if it retracts as easily as it extended.
Having a loose or tight hose will cause trouble later on. You won't be able to move it and washing dishes will be an extremely tough task. Thus, it is better to use faucets from renowned brands and companies.

  1. Spray Type

Another factor that affects your overall satisfaction level is the spray button options. It doesn't matter what type of faucet you choose, but the spray option should be highly efficient. Test out the spray button function before finalizing your purchase.
Ask the following questions:

  • Is the switch between modes easy and quick?
  • How many modes are there?
  • Are there enough pressure options?

When you look at the pull-down faucets in the market, you get easier access to the spray button, which has more spray modes.

  1. Is It Easy to Maintain?

House owners spend a great deal of money on their kitchen faucets, and no one wants to spend extra dollars on maintaining them. Some faucets require expensive maintenance, and it will negatively impact your budget. So, go for something easy to maintain.
For example, a spring pull-down faucet doesn’t only provide sophistication, it is also low maintenance. You only need to clean it with wipes and a warm soap solution. However, if the buildup is severe, you need something more concentrated.

  1. Choose the Finish

You have to know about the finish of the faucets, or the result won't be according to your expectation. A poor faucet finish means your money goes to waste. Consider going through multiple options and don't pick the first thing that comes in front of you.
These days, nickel finish or a matte black is more in demand. If you want a modern kitchen, you can opt for something exotic. For someone in need of something traditional, brass faucets are an ideal choice.  

  1. Installation Considerations

Some faucets are more expensive to install. They require you to remove all the mounting hardware or need additional parts.
If you have already spent a great deal on buying a faucet, try to choose something easy to install. Pull-down faucets look great in your kitchen and will fit within the budget.

  1. Does It Create a Balance?

You must purchase a kitchen faucet that balances the overall look of your kitchen. If you choose something too shiny, it will steal the place's limelight. However, anything too simple will not bring out the true potential of the space.

  1. Handle Type

There are various handle options when it comes to faucets. You must make a selection carefully as it will affect the functionality. A single wrong choice could create issues in the future.
You can get:

  • Single handle faucets: You should get single-handle faucets if you cook most of your meals in your home kitchen. It's easy to adjust, and you can use it with a single finger.
  • Two-handle faucets: It is an impactful kitchen centerpiece and looks more stylish.


Whatever faucet you choose, keep these few points in mind. It could help you purchase a perfect faucet for your kitchen. In most circumstances, a modern pull-down faucet fulfills all your requirements and fits your budget. You can get several options but opt for something complementing your overall kitchen design. 

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