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10 Things to Consider Hiring Insulation Contractor

10 Things to Consider Hiring Insulation Contractor

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Home Vendor News 10 Things to Consider Hiring Insulation Contractor

Insulating your house has long-term benefits for both the structure and residents living in the building. It reduces your energy/heating/cooling costs – for starters. So, domestic insulation is budget-friendly for homeowners in the long run. A well-insulated house isn’t just energy-efficient, but also stays at your desired temperature with little additional heating/cooling requirements. However, finding insulation contractors for the job can be an overwhelming experience. After all, you’re inviting strangers into your house for hours/days (depending on the nature of the job). Also, poor insulation can cause damage to your property, leading to unnecessary additional expenses.  So, which factors should you consider before hiring a contractor? Continue reading to find out.
Questions to ask your insulation contractors
Why do you even install insulation? Well, insulation ensures that a building remains warm during winters and cool during summers. Furthermore, it prevents moisture condensation while enhancing the house’s external appearance. It also reduces pollutant emissions and improves the acoustic performance of your building. But all benefits of insulation come from hiring a professional contractor. How to ensure that you’re hiring the right people? Remember that hiring licensed, reputable, and well-qualified people saves you from several legal challenges. So, don’t collaborate with the wrong insulation contractors lest they sabotage your entire project. Before you select a company, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Are they licensed?

Insulation contractors must meet your local licensing requirements. So, it would be best if you verified the status of their licenses. Only hire certified contractors and avoid working with someone with an expired license.  A quick search on the internet can help you shortlist a few good contractors. For instance, if you live in Arizona, look up ‘Phoenix insulation installation‘  for a list of contacts to help you with insulation, attic cleaning/insulating, and rodent decontamination. Ensure to validate the contractor’s documents; hiring unlicensed contractors isn’t legal. So, conduct proper research to avoid any future disappointments.

  1. Are they insured?

Uninsured contractors aren’t qualified for the job. Therefore, consider their insurance coverage. Qualified insulation installation companies have liability insurance coverage that covers any injuries/damages caused by their workers. Check their insurance documents and policy certificates to understand what sort of coverage they have. Remember that if your contractor isn’t insured, you’re responsible for accidents they’ve caused. Therefore, don’t ever work with uninsured contractors.

  1. Are they experienced?

How long has your contractor been in the business of insulating premises? It’s essential to understand the kind of experience insulation contractors have since a well-experienced contractor comes equipped with the right skills needed for the job. So, ask them about their past projects and clients they’ve dealt with in their time spent in the insulation installation industry. This is a good enough reason for you to avoid attempting to insulate your house DIY since mere theoretical knowledge isn’t enough without experience.

  1. Are they knowledgeable?

In addition to experience, an insulation contractor must have knowledge about different types of insulation materials. A contractor can procure suitable material at reasonable rates for the project. Depending on your location, your house might have special material requirements. Hiring a knowledgeable contractor ensures that they don’t try a one-size-fits-all approach with your home. Some of the materials used for insulation include cellulose, fiberglass, and spray foam.

  1. Do they have the right tools?

It’s crucial to have the right tools for domestic insulation. Your contractor must have the correct equipment to undertake the project. Lack of tools hampers the project’s outcome. This also constitutes yet another reason why you shouldn’t do the insulation on your own. And you don’t wish to buy the right tools since it’ll be a dead investment for you. So, ensure to hire a contractor who has the necessary tools.

  1. Are they well-known?

In 2017, over 80% of American consumers trusted online reviews. These numbers have plummeted in four years. But 40% of customers still have faith in digital recommendations. So, you should check an insulator contractor’s internet reputation before hiring them. Search on Yelp, Google, and even Angie’s List to find well-reputed contractors for domestic insulation. Don’t trust someone who does not have positive reviews online. Also, steer clear of contractors who have no or poor internet presence.

  1. Do they have references?

Ask contractors whether they can direct you to speak with past clients for reference. It would be best if you also asked your friends/family for their recommendations. Do you know that word-of-mouth constitutes the most trusted form of marketing? Over 90% of customers prefer recommendations from friends over advertisements. So, obtain a list of references your insulation contractor can provide. Then go and meet these past clients and ask about their experience to make your final decision.

  1. Can they provide a finish date?

How long does it take to insulate a house? It depends on the nature of the insulation you’re planning to install. The foam takes a few hours, while insulating your attic requires a day or two. But if you’re insulating the entire house, the contractor requires two weeks to get the job done. So, it would be best if you asked them for an estimated timeline for the project. An insulation contractor can’t suggest an exact date. Still, they’ll give you an approximation so you may prepare for temporary living arrangements.

  1. How do they deal with the removal?

Before installing the new installation, a contractor must remove the old one efficiently. But removing the old insulation contains several health hazards. You could be dealing with dust, mold, asbestos, and other threats. Asbestos may even lead to cancer if inhaled for a long time. A professional person understands how to deal with these hazards. They also know the healthcare guidelines for escaping the dangers of mold/asbestos while getting rid of the old insulation.

  1. How do they dispose of the old insulation?

What to do with the old insulation after replacing it? It can’t simply be thrown away since proper disposal is imperative. So, you must ask insulation contractors how they discard the old insulation after removing it successfully. What are the proper channels in their opinion to dispose of the used insulation material? Ensure that your contractor plans to employ eco-friendly disposal methods. Many states even have regulations to monitor how you’ve discarded old insulation materials without harming the environment. Not following these regulations could get your contractor and you into trouble
In 2015, several media outlets reported that around 90% of American homes were underinsulated. Thus, many households suffered from higher costs, reduced comfort, and dangerous CO2 emissions. But how did homeowners end up with such a terrible insulation job? The answer’s simple: they hired low-end insulation contractors for the job. A professional contractor comes well-equipped with experience, references, and the knowledge required to operate. Quality insulation contractors have the proper tools to get the job done and use energy-efficient techniques to remove and dispose of the old insulation. So, don’t compromise quality for cheap rates; hire expert insulation installers to benefit your house.


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