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10 New House Trends for 2020 and Beyond

10 New House Trends for 2020 and Beyond

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Home Vendor News 10 New House Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Embracing modernity in your living spaces can be quite tricky if you don’t know the new house trends. The continually changing trends necessitate you to keep searching for the latest home designs. So what are the new house trends for 2020 and beyond?
To help you know what to expect this year and beyond, we scoured the internet to come up with a comprehensive list of the latest home designs. Most of these design ideas are contributions of home design professionals, including Paradise Developments.

New House Décor Trends in 2020

In this guide, we’ll show you all the latest home trends you should embrace this year and the styles to leave behind, from furniture to color palettes. Here are the new trends.

1.    Kitchen Islands with Eat-in Areas

Traditional kitchen islands are usually less comfortable to eat at because they need counter height stools. Such seats are hard to maneuver and unfriendly for kids. House interior designers have developed kitchen islands with eat-in areas to improve comfort.
As a popular hangout area in most homes, the kitchen should provide comfort. Replace the traditional kitchen islands with the ones with eat-in areas. You can install a broader or longer countertop and use the extra length or width as the dining table.

2.    Environmentally-Friendly Fireplaces

If you still use the conventional gas and wood-burning fireplaces, you need to upgrade your home. They require a lot of maintenance and even produce CO2 emissions. The good news is that there are more eco-friendly alternatives that require no ventilation.
Many homeowners are now turning their attention to environmentally-friendly fireplaces. Such models are easy to install as they don’t need ventilation. Incredibly, most modern fireplaces are stand-alone pieces that can be moved from one room to another.

3.    Faux Marble Kitchen Countertops (Porcelain-Made)

Many interior designers and builders are looking for alternatives to real marbles, which are hard to manage. It’s no doubt that natural marbles are the most beautiful elements in a kitchen. However, most people don’t want to worry about their etching and staining.
An excellent alternative to real marble is the faux marble made of porcelain. In 2020 and beyond, we’ll see an unprecedented shift of homeowners using faux marbles on kitchen countertops. Porcelain marble has vivid patterns and heat-and stain-resistant qualities.

4.    Uniquely Painted Ceilings

Painted ceilings can make a house feel cozier and hide unsightly structural elements. It is no doubt that many homeowners have embraced this design. You can consider options like magenta, cobalt blue, emerald green, and sunshine yellow for bright hues.
However, you shouldn’t be shy about selecting your favorite paint color to make the whole space feel more polished. If you don’t like bright paint colors, find a bold color that matches your style and décor. Here are the new trends in exterior house paint colors.

5.    Floral Wallpapers

Many interior designers and homeowners have now shifted their focus from geometrically patterned prints to wallpaper with floral patterns. The floral wallpapers are one of many homeowner’s favorites due to their unmatchable charm and ethnicity.
Here are the other reasons many people would consider floral wallpapers in 2020.

  • Provides a colorful appearance in a dull room
  • Works best in transforming an outdated room into a trendy and modern place
  • Enhances the beauty of a home’s entire atmosphere
  • Adds femininity to the entire atmosphere

6.    Grandmillennial Style

The grandmillennial style is a blend of traditional designs with modern elements. For example, you can blend classic design elements like chinoiserie, natural fiber rugs, and topiaries with contemporary edges, like clean-lined furniture and modern arts.
To pull off the grandmillennial style in a more timeless way, you need to select well-edited designs. Be selective when accessorizing the home to avoid over cluttering it. Select fabrics with bold patterns while keeping the color palette consistent and tight.

7.    Dark Painted Interior Doors

Many homeowners used to paint their interior doors with the standard white trim color that matches the walls. However, most of them are now shifting their focus to dark painted interior doors. We expect this to continue for many years to come.
Painting the interior doors in white in bold color adds character and warmth to a room. It provides an artistic element when paired with good-looking hardware, adding quality and sophistication to the interior. Thankfully, there are many beautiful dark paints.

8.    Installation of Quartz Countertops

Engineered quartz continues to grow in popularity as the primary countertop material. In the latest report by Houzz, 51 percent of homeowners use quartz for home remodeling countertops. The material is durable and easy to maintain, making it the best option.
New quartz styles tend to mimic marble, making it difficult to distinguish the two. If you still have granite countertops in your home, consider replacing them with quartz to keep up with the changing trend. It is harder and more scratch-resistant than granite.

9.    Planting Real Plants in the House

Many people use faux plants to decorate their houses instead of real plants. While it can be hard to distinguish natural plants from fake plants, the latter will never grow but only get dusty. The beauty of house plants is to see them growing naturally.
Adding real potted plants in your living room will spice up space. The plants will keep you active because you’ll have to water them every moment. If you travel a lot with nobody left at home, real plants might not be your great choice. Buy the faux plants.

10. Biophilic Home Designs

If you love nature, incorporate the biophilic designs into your home. It will boost your connectivity with nature, allowing you to enjoy many health and environmental benefits. An excellent way to embrace the trend is by adding a living wall in your home.
Other incredible biophilic design ideas include:

  • Adding plants and plenty of natural wood and windows in the bathroom
  • Planting lots of plants and natural materials in the living room
  • Adding a few potted plants in your bedroom

Final Words

Now that you know some of the new house trends, you can transform your living space to keep up with the changing home designs. So choose a house design that will not get outdated soon. The bottom line is to find a style that fits your needs and lifestyle.


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