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10 Innovative Room Design Ideas For Your Newborn

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10 Innovative Room Design Ideas For Your Newborn

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Expecting a newborn is an exciting period for every couple. In this period, parents often focus on getting a room ready for their bundle of joy. When it comes to decorating a room for your newborn, you can choose either a simple or an elaborate room design. Whatever you choose, just have in mind the ultimate aim of that room, which is to create a safe, comfortable, cozy, and inviting place. The nursery should be appealing both to the baby and parents, as parents will also be spending quite a lot of time there. This room is where your baby will grow and develop, so you should consider all aspects of it carefully. Keep reading to learn more about some innovative baby girl and boy room designs.

We’ve divided this article into two parts: the first part deals with baby girl room design ideas, while the second one focuses o baby boy room design ideas. Of course, these are just some ideas to get you started – you can modify, adapt, switch and personalize them however you want. The fact is that interior design trends change over time, and so do the baby room ones. The point is to choose a design you feel comfortable with and that will serve its purpose in the future as well.

Baby girl room design ideas

When it comes to baby girl room design ideas, there are so many possibilities. Parents often choose bright, pastel colors for their girls. What’s important to note is that you should divide the work into furniture, wall paint, décor, and accessories – it will help you be more organized.

A purple baby girl room

As purple is the new pink, let’s start with it. Nowadays, many parents prefer to go for a soft purple color when it comes to decorating their little girl’s room. You can easily create a dreamy look with it. For a tasteful look, two out of four parts should be purple. Additionally, you can opt for a white wall and add purple details such as the rug, curtains, and some accessories.

A pink baby girl room

Pink is an all-time favorite as far as girls’ rooms are concerned. It is simply an irresistible color for a baby girl’s room. There are plenty of pink shades to go for. However, be careful not to go overboard with pink. Try to keep a balance with some neutral colors.

A bright-colored baby girl room

Your newborn’s room is a great place to play with colors. As you probably know, different colors evoke various feelings. Choose a neutral color palette and add a touch of bright colors to make it lively.

A princess-themed baby girl room

A princess-themed baby girl room is too adorable to resist. What’s more, you can purchase one of the ready made castle-style beds or Cinderella carriage beds. Along with it, you can get a drawer where you can keep baby clothes and other essentials. You can find many of these baby essentials and cute, organic clothes on the 3 Little Crowns website.

A cartoon-themed baby girl room

All babies love cartoons, so why not use that and integrate the cartoons into the room? You can choose any cartoon you think it’s appropriate and decorate the room accordingly.

Baby boy room design ideas

On the other hand, there are some special room design ideas that are more fit for boys – take a look at them.

A baby boy room with teddy bear

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Cuddly and snuggly teddy bears never go out of style as a theme for a baby boy room. You can use soft greys and whites to achieve a calm and cozy effect and soft yellow to add an accent. As far as decor is concerned, consider teddy bears and clouds.

A baby boy room with zoo and forest animals

Zoo and forest animals also make a great theme for a baby boy room. It is simple, using a neutral color palette. Moreover, you can include prints of woodland animals with hues of gray, orange, and brown, and plenty of interesting detail.

A whimsical baby boy room

A whimsical baby boy room is playful and fun. It is designed to boost imagination and creativity. You can include whimsical prints, lively patterns, and fun accessories to create a Nordic charm.

Outer space baby boy room

Outer space is yet another theme popularly found in baby boy rooms. There are different directions when it comes to decorating a room with space in mind. For instance, you can include a wall mural with a moon and stars.

A baby boy room with dinosaurs

Baby boys and boys generally are also often fond of dinosaurs. Hence, you can use this theme as an inspiration for your baby boy’s room. Look up some ideas online.

These are just some of the many newborn room design ideas – there are plenty more. Get your creative juices flowing by searching for some room designs online.

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