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10 Creative Uses for Silicone Molds

10 Creative Uses for Silicone Molds

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You may have never noticed, but silicone molds are a part of your everyday life in today’s society.
They can serve as amazing life-hacks, solve minor dilemmas in our day-to-day operations, and can be an underappreciated source of fun for the family!
Whatever the case may be, you can use them for optimal organization and preparation.
Need more proof? Here are 10 amazing uses for silicone molds and how they can turn an everyday task into a job that sorts itself out!

  1. Organization for Small Utensils

Sure, there’s plenty of ways to sort your silverware and other supplies within the cabinets of your home… but what about the smaller stuff, like the rubber bands and paper clips in your house?
Even if you neatly organize them within a desk drawer, you’ll find them disorganized again after opening and closing that drawer a few times.
How can you eliminate this problem for good? Silicone molds… that’s how!
All you need to do is create or find a silicone mold that’s small enough to fit into your desk or kitchen drawer. Then make sure it has enough spots in it to fill things like paperclips, sewing pins, etc.
Voila! Your disorganization of small materials is kaput.

  1. Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t enjoy a good bath bomb? Simply dropping one into your tub ensures a soothing bathing experience.
However, it’s not so smoothing to see the price you’re paying for such a luxury… until now!
Now, thanks to silicone molds, you can create your own bath bombs in whatever shape you desire.
Simply take the ingredients you’ll need and pour it into the silicone mold of your choice and you’ll have a bath bomb that’s entirely individualistic in both shape and scent for your bathing enjoyment.

  1. Save Your Leftovers

Nothing like making grandma’s famous homemade fettucini alfredo family recipe that everyone loves so much.
The only problem is that you end up wasting all of the cream you don’t end up using. If only there were a way to save that cream until the next time you needed it…
Well, you can use a silicone mold that has steady compartments (similar to an ice tray) and pour that cream into it until the next time you need it.
Take it one step further and measure out the mass of each compartment. That way, you’ll know how much is in each “cube” the next time you go to use it.

  1. Impact-Absorbing Pads

Do you have a need for securing fragile objects and the styrofoam packaging isn’t cutting it?
If so, silicone molding is the optimum material to use for handing your equipment and items either in-transit or during storage.
Simply use these architectural molding materials and form a perfect pad for any item you desire. No more worrying about the integrity of your packaged belongings thanks to the use of silicone molds.

  1. Snack Tray

Everyone has been a victim of walking the tight rope known as snack time.
If you eat too much, you won’t be hungry for dinner time, but if you eat too little, you may not make it to dinner time at all.
However, it’s always risky to put out the entire box of Cheez-Its, because then, before you know it… the entire box is empty.
Use silicone molds to categorize a few healthy snacks for yourself. Sure, grab a few of those Cheez-It’s, but follow it up with grapes, pretzels, nuts, etc.

  1. Soap Bars

Are you seeing the need for starting to create your own soap bars over the store-bought soap bars?
Perhaps the body wash is getting a bit too harmful on your skin? Never fear, for DIY silicone molds are here!
Now, you create the scent you want without risking the harmful chemicals of those you’d find in-store. You’ll no longer have to wonder what goes behind making it smell amazing, and you’ll have yourself to thank for it!

  1. Food Preparation

We all know the Martha Stewarts and Barefoot Contessa’s of the world that organize their recipe’s ingredients in cute, individual bowls for appearance.
However, it slows you down at home to have to do the same.
Next time you’re making a recipe, have a silicone mold tray there to properly organize your necessary ingredients. Now you can measure out the correct amounts without getting out 10 separate bowls to do so.

  1. Reproduction of Items

Do you have a project at hand where you need to reproduce several of the same items in one fell swoop?
If so, silicone molds can help create an efficient process for copying the item to match it’s original’s exact specifications.
Whether it’s a fine art sculpture, a concrete slab, or another hefty item, silicone molding can help you match it to the “T”.

  1. Jello Molds

As previously mentioned, silicone molds have several fun assets to them as well.
Now that you have silicone molding on your side, you can create jello in any shape that you’d like.
Make a Christmas tree-shaped jello mold for Christmas parties, or pull a Jim Halpert and stick your coworker’s stapler into jello. Whatever you have a taste for, the door has now been opened to your creativity.

  1. Water Stoppage

Perhaps you have some unwanted leaks or are just looking for a new way to clog the bathtub drain (since the tub drain stopper keeps disappearing).
Silicone is often used as a sealant to make something waterproof, so now that you have silicone molding at your disposal, it can provide the same service for you.
Maybe you’re just looking for a waterproof pad. That can be done as well.
Gone are the days of letting water affect your work project, silicone molds can help!
Uses for Silicone Molds in Everyday Life
These are just a few of the copious amount of uses for silicone molds that you now have at your disposal.
What’s better, you’ll now find even more uses for it now that your eyes have been opened to the ways it can help.
Be sure to check back with Fox 34 frequently for up-to-date news and helpful tips you can apply to your life. Best of luck with your silicone molding endeavors, your life will be much more efficient with silicone molds on your side.


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