The Cost of Flat Roof Repair: Factors to Consider

Flat roofing systems are a popular choice for commercial buildings and even some residential properties. They offer a sleek, modern appearance and can be more cost-effective than traditional sloped roofs. However, flat roofs are not without their challenges, and one of the most significant concerns for property owners is the cost of flat roof repair. […]

Ultimate Guide to Heater Repair: Everything You Need to Know

A functional heater is an absolute necessity during cold winter months. It is crucial to ensure that your heater is in optimal condition to provide a warm and comfortable environment for you and your loved ones. However, even the most reliable heaters may encounter issues over time, requiring professional repair services. In this blog, we […]

Heating Repair Near Me – 24-Hour Heater Repair

In the cold winter months, a functioning heater can be a lifeline, providing warmth and comfort in our homes. However, what happens when that lifeline starts to falter? Suddenly, the urgency of finding immediate assistance for heating repair services becomes apparent. Whether it’s a sudden breakdown or a gradual decline in performance, the need for […]

How to Tell if You Have a Broken Humidifier

Humidifiers play an essential role in maintaining an ideal home humidity level. If your humidifier breaks, you should repair it immediately to restore comfort in your living space. Unfortunately, as with any appliance, they can sometimes become damaged and require repairs; luckily, these relatively straightforward units can often be fixed without needing professional repair service […]

Patriot Flooring & Schönox Partner for South Florida Subfloors

Patriot Flooring Supplies has partnered with Schönox HPS North America to provide the full Schönox subfloor solutions line across its 7 locations in the South Florida region. “We sell and support products we feel confident using ourselves – Schönox equips our customers with solutions for the most challenging and the everyday subfloor scenarios they face […]