Electrical Solutions for Energy Efficiency

The term ‘energy efficiency’ defines the goal to reduce the amount of energy required to produce services or products. As we inch towards the precipice of environmental catastrophe in today’s world, the importance of energy efficiency has grown by leaps and bounds. In this landscape, electrical solutions for energy efficiency have emerged as a beacon […]

Cogan Mezzanine: Space Efficiency Unveiled

With rising real estate costs and limited warehouse space, businesses face immense pressure to optimize every square foot. Installing a mezzanine floor is one of the most efficient ways to effectively double your storage capacity without expanding the building footprint. This article unravels the immense potential of Cogan mezzanine platforms in amplifying space utility while […]

The Benefits of Energy Efficiency Upgrades: Save Money, Save Earth

Living sustainably isn’t just a trendy catch-phrase; it’s an essential lifestyle shift we all need to embrace for the sake of our planet and our wallets. At the heart of this narrative, lie energy efficiency upgrades. Definition and Importance of Energy Efficiency Upgrades Simply put, energy efficiency upgrades are modifications you can make to your […]

National Toilet Tank Repair Month Emphasizes Maintenance

 Flushmate®, the pioneer of pressure-assisted toilet technology, celebrates National Toilet Tank Repair Month and the importance of preventative maintenance throughout October. As a leader in pressure-assist technology, the Flushmate system works to minimize maintenance and repairs while promoting water efficiency. National Toilet Tank Repair Month is dedicated to encouraging regular maintenance and repairs to ensure toilets […]

ECM Adds Mark Atherstone as Chief Distribution Officer

Phoenix-based ECM Technologies, a leading innovator in HVAC efficiency and energy conservation solutions, announced today that Mark Atherstone, a long-time HVAC industry professional, has joined the executive management team. He will oversee the commercial and residential distribution of ThermaClear®, the company’s anti-thermal degradation technology which was recently named the winner of the 2023 International Facility […]

ECM Technologies Wins IFMA’s 2023 Facility Management Award

Phoenix-based ECM Technologies, a leading innovator in HVAC efficiency and energy conservation solutions, announced today that its ThermaClear® HVAC anti-thermal degradation technology was named the winner of the 2023 International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Awards of Excellence, Facility Management Innovation Award. ECM Technologies’ Chief Revenue Officer, David Fenton, attended IFMA’s World Workplace Conference in Denver, […]

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