Pot dispensaries fill empty mall storefronts

Shopping malls are attracting pot dispensaries as more states legalize marijuana and CBD-related products. Marijuana dispensaries can generate revenue faster than other businesses due to limited competition which gives them the ability to pay higher rents. NBC News

New report finds first-time cannabis use surging among women, Gen Z

First-time cannabis users are diving into their new habit with unparalleled gusto, according Brightfield Group’s “U.S. Cannabis Consumer Trends Report.” Fifty percent of new consumers are indulging in cannabis five or more days per week while 22% of new consumers are using multiple times per day. Also, female cannabis consumers skew younger and are heavier […]

How Zoned Properties is helping pave the way for today’s cannabis retailers

In early 2020, when Zoned Properties was looking to expand its business model to see the cannabis industry’s growing needs, Bryan McLaren was busy working with the co-founders of a new national cannabis retail franchise concept, The Open Dør, which was a concept he believed would become one of the most important, value-driven catalysts for […]

How THC’s spa-like persona is helping transform Illinois’ cannabis market

The large LED screens lining the walls of The Herbal Care Center’s (THC) dispensary’s showroom in downtown Chicago signal the options customers have to choose from in the city’s cannabis shop. When Illinois became the 11th state to legalize and regulate adult-use cannabis last December, THC was one of the retail shops that opened its […]