How to Tell If You Need a New Roof: Warning Signs

How to Tell If You Need a New Roof: Warning Signs

There are several warning signs that you should replace your roof. You can learn more here about how to tell if you need a new roof.
The roof that hangs over your home is obviously one of the most important aspects of it. If your roof isn't in great shape, it could compromise the rest of your house in no time at all.
For this reason, you need to know how to tell if you need a new roof and may opt to get professional assistance for example from Roofing Repairs Toronto.
The last thing you want to do is allow a roof that's in desperate need of replacement to hang around for longer than it should.
Fortunately, it's not all that difficult to spot the signs that'll let you know you need a new roof. Here are seven common warning signs that'll indicate it's almost time to replace your old roof with a new one.
Your Roof Is Very Old
When you own a home, it's important for you to know the answer to the question, "How long does a roof last?" If you don't, you might end up allowing an old roof to linger around for way longer than it should.
There are some roofing types, like metal and tile, that can last for 50 years or more. But generally speaking, your average asphalt shingle roof is going to last for somewhere between 15 and 30 years in most cases.
If the roof on your home is approaching that age or is even older than that, you should look into replacing it sooner than later. Even if there aren't any super obvious issues with it right now, they're going to be coming down the line.
Your Shingles Are Curling, Cracking, or Missing Altogether
Outside of considering the age of your roof, one of the other things you should look at first when you're trying to answer the question, "When does a roof need to be replaced?", is the condition of your roof's shingles. They can tell you so much about the condition of your roof as a whole.
Take a step back every so often and look up at the shingles on your roof. See if you can find any shingles that appear to be curling, cracking, or even missing altogether.
Your roof's shingles are its first line of defense when it comes to protecting your home from rain, snow, and more. If they're not in good shape, it's going to take a toll on your entire roof sooner or later.
With this in mind, you should keep a close eye on your shingles at all times. They'll help you figure out how to tell if you need a new roof.
Your Gutters Are Filled With Shingle Granules
Homeowners should get into the habit of cleaning out the gutters that hang on the side of their homes at least once or twice every year. They should climb up on a ladder to get to their gutters so that they can remove leaves, sticks, and other debris from them.
The next time you're cleaning out your gutters, you should also check inside of them to see if you can find any shingle granules. These granules will often start to fall off your gutters as they get older and make them weak.
Your shingles might not look like they're in terrible condition from the ground. But if you find shingle granules in your gutters, there's a good chance that they're starting to get weaker than they should be. You'll need to start thinking about trying to choose a roofing contractor so that you can replace your roof.
Your Roof Is Allowing Water to Leak Into Your Home
Do you have water leaking into your home every single time it rains these days thanks to a hole or multiple holes that have popped up on your roof? This water is going to do quite a bit of damage to your home if you don't do something to stop it.
You don't have to ask yourself, "How do you know when you need a new roof?" when you have a leak in your roof. The answer is just about always going to be, "Right now."
You can, of course, try to patch up a leaky roof to extend the life of it slightly. A roofing contractor might be able to stop a single hole in your roof from forcing you to replace the whole thing.
But once one hole appears in your roof, it won't be very long before others start to appear, too. Within just a few months, you might have holes all over the place allowing water to seep into your home.
Your Roof Doesn't Look Nice Anymore
Your roof is going to be one of the first things that people see when they pull up in front of your house. So if it's not visually appealing, it's going to drag down the curb appeal of your home, no matter how nice the rest of it might look.
If you're sick and tired of looking at the aging roof that hangs on top of your home, you should spring into action and do something about it. You can replace it with a new roof that will look a whole lot better and improve your curb appeal by leaps and bounds.
You might be amazed to see what a big difference a new roof will make when you have one installed on top of your home. It'll beautify your home while also bringing its value way up in the process.
Knowing How to Tell If You Need a New Roof Is Essential
If you've never had to replace a roof before, you might not know how to tell if you need a new roof. Many homeowners tend to take their roofs for granted and don't spend a ton of time thinking about them or considering what kind of condition they're in.
But now that you know when to replace a roof, you can start monitoring your roof better than you did before. It'll help you see when it's time to rip your old roof off and put a new one into its place.
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