Pro Woodworker Traits & Becoming One

Hi there! As we know that a professional woodworker involves more than just mastering the tools and techniques. He needs a nice blend of skills, dedication, and certain personal qualities. Do you want to start your woodworking journey or looking to refine your craft? All you need is to learn about the key qualities and […]

5 Tips: Build Positive Remote Work Culture for Growth

If you own and operate a remote business with employees all over the globe, it can be easy to overlook the importance of your company’s overall work culture. However, organizational culture is so important, as it helps companies draw and retain the best employees. This directly translates into business success, because if staff members love […]

Find out the Best Way to Deal with Construction Defects

When there is a breach of contract, the involved party may decide to dispute the contract. When there are contract disputes, the involved parties will try to solve the issue out of court or hire a construction defect attorney. To resolve your issues effectively and quickly, seek the help of legal representation and save money […]

Freelancers’ Mental Health UK

Are you a freelancer, or thinking about making the move to become one? There are many reasons people are attracted to this way of working. There’s often the dream of freedom from choosing your own hours, making more money, and only taking on interesting work. Tell someone you’re a freelancer or self-employed and people think you have it easy. To see […]


The UK’s largest excavator `bucket manufacturer – headquartered in Northumberland – is celebrating 45 years in business as it announces ambitious growth plans.  Miller UK, based in Cramlington, specialises in the design and manufacture of excavator buckets, quick couplers and other attachments for earthmoving equipment. Starting its humble beginnings operating as a one-man mobile welding […]

4 ABM strategies Your Business Needs to Try

Did you know that 1 in 5 small businesses fail during their first year? Between marketing and selling products, running a company is no joke. This is especially true if your business caters to other businesses.  The best way that a B2B company can get its name out there and pick up new clients is […]

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