8 Ways to Spot Future Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage can wreak havoc on a home, causing extensive and costly repairs and, in some cases, even rendering a property uninhabitable. Unfortunately, many homeowners only realize there is water damage after it has already occurred, resulting in more extensive and expensive repairs. Fortunately, there are ways to spot water damage before it becomes a […]

FMI study reveals: Why is the U.S.A emerging as the market leader for epoxy putty and Construction Chemicals holding 38% share?

Construction chemicals are broadly used for waterproofing repairs, bonding agents, crack and expansion joint fillers, tile adhesives, retarders, plasticizers, air entraining compounds accelerators and others. Epoxy putty is a hardening substance utilized as a space-filling adhesive in the construction industry. Construction chemicals are mainly classified into product segments such as protective coatings and sealers, grouts […]

J.S. Held Energy Experts Release: Rethinking Energy Reliability with Modern Power Systems

J.S. Held, a global consulting firm providing technical, scientific, and financial expertise across all assets and value at risk, announced today a paper focused on Rethinking Energy Reliability with Modern Power Systems. In this paper, J.S. Held energy experts discuss how grid-scale electrical reliability (the ability to avoid system interruptions) and resilience (the ability to […]

Siplast Introduces Full Building Enclosure Solution

Siplast, a Standard Industries company, announced the national launch of Siplast® WALLcontrol™ Air & Water-Resistive Barrier (AWB) Systems, marking the company’s continued expansion into the building enclosure space. The WALLcontrol AWB Systems include wall membranes, critical transition membranes, and accessories that provide high-performance solutions for above-grade vertical walls—helping to create a continuous air and water-resistive […]

The Best Tips To Make Window Blinds Visually Attractive

Many choose to use window blinds because they believe that too much sun and its heat are unhealthy. Window blinds are a type of coverage that may be used to control the amount of sunlight that enters the space and to offer additional waterproofing. Even though these serve a purpose it doesn’t look visually pleasing, […]