5 Cutting-edge Solutions for An Efficient Supply Chain

The global supply chain sector has come under tremendous stress since 2020 due to the pandemic reaction, and lately, the conflict in Ukraine and the European crises have only made matters worse. In the meantime, consumer demand keeps rising. Despite these difficulties, the entire sector is transforming thanks to technological advancements.  In other words, new […]

Modular Commercial Buildings: Embracing the Future of Construction

Modular building isn’t a new concept, but it has only recently begun to surge in popularity among commercial construction projects. As inflation, labor shortages and supply chain constraints become more significant problems, more contractors are switching to modular building. What makes this unique construction method so effective for commercial projects? What are the benefits? How […]

Why Supply Chain Risk Management Is Essential for Contractors and Suppliers

Supply chain risk management identifies, assesses, and mitigates risks that may affect an organization’s supply chain. This can include various hazards, such as financial, operational, regulatory, and reputational risks. To effectively manage supply chain risk, organizations need to clearly understand their supply chain and the potential risks that may arise. Tools for Supply Chain Risk […]

The changes in the construction sector are huge in the post-pandemic era!

The world has changed after the pandemic. The new normal has come up as a ray of hope for people in distinct parts of the globe. As countries worldwide are coming out of their restriction and lockdown, many changes have got noticed in different sectors. There is an evident alteration in the global consumption pattern. […]

National industrial vacancy drops below 4% despite record new supply [CommercialEdge Report]

CommercialEdge released its December industrial report analyzing the U.S. industrial market’s performance through November 2022.  The industrial sector’s expansion remained on track as high demand for industrial space continued to drive brisk rent increases. Even with supply chain constraints and inflation-related issues, the pipeline for new developments kept growing. In addition, even if this year saw a record amount of new supply delivered, the national […]