Liability For Injuries During Remodeling Projects: Contractor Or Homeowner?

Anyone can get hurt. It can be an accident, someone else’s fault, or their own. But when it comes to remodeling projects, the involvement of the homeowner and contractor they agreed upon is specified through basic sets of documents, namely, plans, specifications, reports, and contract terms.   Despite the agreement, they face contractual relationships that may […]

Fleet and Equipment Usage Data can Help Improve Project Budget Estimates

Fleet and Equipment Usage Data can Help Improve Project Budget Estimates Construction and renovation companies have a lot of factors to consider regarding project budgeting. One way to more accurately predict contract estimates is by using historical asset usage data, including duration of use across job types and the associated costs. Budgeting Obstacles When drafting […]

CCCT with Cian Brennan, Founder from Quantum Contract Solutions

  CCCT Video with Cian Brennan from Quantum Contract Solutions Video     CCCT sat down with Cian Brennan, founder of Quantum Contract Solutions and creator of the Quantum Contract Advantage Framework. The “Contract Advantage” framework is famous for being able to turn Construction Contractors from being contractually vulnerable, losing money on projects and appearing […]

What Is the Role of a General Contractor?

If you are planning on starting a construction project, you may need to hire the services of a general contractor, who is responsible for the daily oversight of the construction site. You can continue reading to learn more about general contractors’ job descriptions, responsibilities, and qualifications.   What Is a General Contractor? General contractors are responsible […]

How to choose the best Construction provider?

When choosing a construction provider, it is important to consider the following factors: Reputation: Look for a construction provider with a strong reputation in the industry. Research the company’s past projects and read reviews from past clients to get a sense of their quality of work and customer service. You can find more here. Experience: […]