Reasons Why You Need a Construction Trailer

In a construction site, there is usually so much going on. The different equipment and materials, the tools, and even the workers need to be organized efficiently. This is why you need a construction trailer. It provides a great way to organize all these items in one place. The only hurdle is finding a trailer […]

Freres Engineered Wood Shapes The Near-Complete PDX Terminal Roof

Four hundred thousand square feet of Freres Engineered Wood’s Mass Ply Panels was used on the 9-acre mass timber roof in the Port of Portland’s PDX Terminal Project. The Port of Portland recently announced that they have reached the halfway mark in a five-year long airport expansion project. The use of Freres’ MPP has made […]

What Wastewater Lining System is Best?

Keeping wastewater contained in treatment facilities can be challenging due to the various chemicals that deteriorate tank and lagoon coatings. Selecting the best wastewater lining system is essential to preventing contamination of nearby areas from leakage. Numerous coating options are available, but a few types, such as polyurea (PU) and epoxy, are more commonly used […]