Remote Project Management In Construction: 5 Best Practices

Remote project management in construction can be daunting, especially when supervising a team from a remote location. However, overseeing construction projects effectively with the right tools and best practices is possible. One such tool is construction project management software that can help you track your team’s progress and manage your construction projects remotely. This can […]

CCCT with Anar Mammadov, President from Senpex Technology

  CCCT with Anar Mammadov from Senpex Technology Video     CCCT sat down with Anar Mammadov CEO from Senpex Technology. More than just your regular delivery service company, Senpex is an award-winning platform that makes same-day and on-demand delivery simple. Its AI-powered route optimization algorithm makes it easier for couriers to deliver packages rapidly […]

Using Social Media To Spread Work-Related Safety Information

An increasing number of construction businesses are discovering the value of social media. Certainly, it contributes to marketing efforts and can highlight what is unique about your brand. However, it’s important to understand how this can be a more agile tool for your company. Social media can also be a practical component of your workplace […]

The Legacy Group’s New National Sales Manager Robert Smith

The LEGACY GROUP is proud to announce that Mr. Robert Smith has joined their team as National Sales Manager. With over 11 years of experience in National Account Sales and Management, Robert Smith (Bob) will be a key addition to the expansive growth to our business development team. His mantra synergizes with Legacy’s overall mission […]

How Can Managers Improve Team Performance?

The task of a manager is difficult. They not only need to build a team but ensure they reach the goal, which requires a constant flow of work and motivation. Thus, leading a team takes work. However, when handled with little care, it is possible to bring efficiency and productivity to the team. Before implementing […]

How to Teach Your Team to Use Project Management Software for Architects

When it comes to project management, builders require the appropriate tools to ensure that all parts of a project are coordinated and organized. Architect project management software is a useful tool that allows architects and their teams to plan, monitor, and execute tasks in an efficient and organized way. However, they must be acquainted with […]