Walz Scale achieves legal-for-trade NTEP certified volumetric measurement technology

Walz Scale has achieved government legal for trade certification for their Walz Scanner volumetric measurement technology. This NTEP certification is the first of its kind in the USA and verifies the Walz Scanner to be the most accurate volumetric bulk measurement system in the market. The Walz Scanner utilizes laser technology to scan and measure […]

Precautions When You’re Considering How to Build a Shed

Introduction A backyard shed to store heavy basics like your riding mower, hedge trimmers, and other lawn care equipment frees up space in your home and garage. These robust small houses, however, can serve a wide variety of additional practical functions in addition to being used for hobbies. It is vital to ensure that all […]

AstroTurf Becomes the Exclusive Dealer for SISGrass in the United States

AstroTurf®, the original creator of synthetic turf, partners with SIS Pitches, the creator of SISGrass and the market leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of hybrid pitches to bring the best playing surfaces to professional clubs, athletic programs, and sports teams in the United States. The partnership makes AstroTurf® the exclusive dealer for SISGrass […]