Creating a Rewarding Work Environment

The construction industry continues to experience hiring issues. In fact, over the summer, Associated Builders and Contractors predicted that the construction labor shortage was set to intensify over the next six months.[1] Additionally, one of the major findings from the Building Talent Foundation’s latest Homebuilding Workforce Engagement Study[2] was that the talent shortage in the […]

Let’s Talk: Why the Construction Sector Must Embrace Workplace Mental Health Support

In England, one in six people will experience depression or anxiety in any given week. In recent years, a growing movement in favour of the destigmatization of these issues has encouraged more open attitudes towards mental health, making it easier for people to discuss their problems. Whilst this process has been undeniably helpful in legitimizing the […]

CCCT with Keagen Hadley who is ex-Athlete & Author

  CCCT with Keagen Haldey Video     CCCT sat down with Keagen Hadley who is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy and psychiatric clinical researcher, who specializes in using psychological treatments such as ACT with his clients. He has a deep understanding of the interventions and knows how emotional distress can interfere with rehabilitation, daily […]

CCCT with Mike Martin, Project Mindfully Outdoors

CCCT with Mike Martin from Project Mindfully Outdoors Video   Mike Martin is an author and sportsman who has a lifelong struggle with his mental health. For years, it controlled him and had a negative impact on his life. Prior to undertaking his healing journey, He hid the effects of his mental health under many […]

CCCT & Peter Colla: Global Environmental Mindfulness

CCCT with Peter Colla from Global Environmental Mindfulness Video For over thirty years of personal clinical experience, thousands of individuals treated, personal case references, prayer, self-examination, and learning; Anna and Peter Colla have dedicated their Health and Wellness lives to a philosophy that will no longer merely treat the symptoms of afflictions, but thoroughly examine the […]

CCCT with Judy Ryan of Lifework Systems

CCCT with Judy Ryan with Lifewrk Systems Video     CCCT & Judy Ryan, CEO of Lifework Systems discuss A RESPONSIBILITY-BASED culture where you have buy-in from everyone at EVERY LEVEL. Only then do your people show up STRONG. Everyone works together collaboratively, embracing a common mission. The environment is supportive and inclusive, so work […]