Why the Manufacturing Sector Could Mitigate the Looming Recession

The UK’s forthcoming recession is expected to be deeper than originally forecast.  The EY ITEM Club forecast warns that a 0.7% contraction in UK GDP is now expected for 2023 and inflation is at the highest levels seen in four decades.  We’re looking for ways to boost GDP and pull ourselves out of the financial […]

How Can Manufacturers Overcome Productivity Challenges?

It is a well-known fact that time is money; therefore, many individuals and businesses give more value to time than money. Efficiency shares a direct relationship with the proper utilization of time. When a company is efficient, it ensures more profitability. This logic is valid for manufacturing businesses and all other businesses. Even though many […]

Why Are Cooling Towers So Necessary?

Cooling towers are an essential component of many industrial processes, particularly those that involve the generation of large amounts of heat. They play a crucial role in maintaining safe and efficient operation of such processes. In this article, we will explore what industries use cooling towers and why they’re necessary. Benefits that Cooling Towers Bring […]

Five Parts of the Logistic Process to Outsource

The world economy is globalizing fast. People are doing business with people they’ve never met in person. Companies are hiring remote employees across the world. Businesses like Amazon are creating a world where shipping is very fast. Whether you are running a business that creates products from scratch or are some sort of middleman, there […]

Interview: How to Succeed as a Woman in Manufacturing

Another International Women’s Day has arrived, and women are still underrepresented in so many business sectors. While better represented here in manufacturing than in many other STEM industries, women still make up only 37% of manufacturing workers globally. As we know, a multitude of factors are responsible for this; girls being discouraged from STEM at […]