How Private Money Lending Companies Assess And Evaluate Potential Borrowers

Private money lending, also known as private lending or hard money lending, is a type of financing in which individuals or private companies provide loans to borrowers in exchange for interest and other fees. Unlike traditional lending institutions such as banks and credit unions, private money lenders do not rely on a borrower’s creditworthiness as […]

How Private Money Lending Companies Structure Loan Terms to Meet the Needs of Borrowers

Private money lending is a type of private lending in which individuals or private companies provide short-term loans secured by collateral. This collateral is typically in the form of real estate, but can also include other valuable assets such as cars or jewelry. Unlike traditional lenders such as banks or credit unions, private money lenders […]

The Role of Private Money Lending in Financing Real Estate Development Projects

Private money lending in financing real estate development projects is an increasingly popular trend as banks become more and more resistant to lending to small developers or those without a long track record. Private lenders provide a great alternative source of capital that has the ability to fill the gap between what developers can access […]

The Rise of Alternative Lending and its Benefits Over Traditional Lending Methods

As businesses and individuals increasingly search for a fast, convenient way to access loans, alternative lending has emerged as an attractive financing option. Compared to traditional methods which can be restrictive in terms of qualifications and take time for loan approval decisions, its flexible nature enables borrowers to quickly secure necessary funds. In this article, […]

Small Business Owners How To Survive & Thrive

Small businesses in the construction sector navigated a choppy and challenging 2022 by being nimble, creative, and disciplined.  They will need each of these skills plus a little luck to succeed in what is likely to be a choppy and challenging 2023.  Twenty twenty-two will be remembered for the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes that […]