The Impact of Stormwater Runoff: Why Proper Management Is Crucial

Trees and plants slow down and filter runoff in areas with natural vegetation before it reaches surface water bodies. When it comes to stormwater management, urbanization is a double-edged sword. Impervious surfaces that redirect water, such as concrete pavements and rooftops, interfere with natural drainage, evaporation and infiltration. As more areas in Australia experience heavier […]

The Importance of Childproofing Your New Home Before Moving In

Creating a safe environment for your children is one of the most important parts of parenting. Besides doing a home inspection and necessary repairs, childproofing your new home before moving in is crucial. You can move into your new home stress-free, knowing you did everything to make it safe. Once you arrive in your new […]

Obtaining an Electrical Certificate of Compliance

In Australia, all electrical work must be compliant with the National Electrical Code (NEC). This includes any new installation, alterations or repairs. Electrical contractors who complete work that is not compliant may face fines and other penalties. To ensure that your property is safe and meets all electrical requirements, you should always ask for a […]

Why Is Septic Inspection Important For Your Property Maintenance

Are you a homeowner or property owner concerned about the maintenance of your septic system but unsure if an inspection is necessary? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! The truth is that regular inspections are actually essential for keeping your home and property in tip-top shape. Keeping up with septic inspections helps identify existing and potential […]

Property Management: Everything (Not) Covered Under Property Maintenance and Repairs

Once you’ve found your dream home, the work doesn’t end – especially if you are getting an apartment on rent. In order to deter unforeseen home maintenance costs, an implied warranty for property maintenance and repairs can be great for new renters. A recent report stated an increase of 9.3% in the annual maintenance cost […]