An Impactful Partnership: Plumbing & Mental Health

As a reader on this journey, understand that mental health and plumbing might seem an obscure partnership. However, with the essential role both play in daily life, there lies a concrete connection between the two. This article serves as an exploration of that unexpected yet impactful relationship. The Unlikely Connection Barring those in the profession […]

Sloan Enhances Smart Systems with SC Argus™ Pro

 Sloan, the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, has introduced SC Argus™ Pro, the latest addition to its Smart Systems collection. SC Argus Pro allows facility managers to monitor and maintain products remotely, leading to reduced water usage, improved sustainability, and a healthier, more hygienic restroom environment. “At Sloan, we recognize the value that the Internet […]

Survey Finds End-of-Summer Trips are Preceded by Extra Handwashing

This Labor Day as Americans take a final outing before summer comes to an end, research has found their advance prep includes increased hand hygiene. According to the Healthy Handwashing Survey™ from Bradley Corporation, 60% of adults make a conscious effort to wash their hands more before a planned trip. And, once they hit the road, 75% […]

Ozark River Mfc Combats COVID with Portable Sinks

During a time when many companies are raising prices on healthcare and safety supplies used in the fight against the coronavirus, Ozark River Manufacturing, Co. is doing the exact opposite. Rather than taking advantage of the fears surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Ozark River Manufacturing has slashed by 50 percent the price of its NSF-certified portable […]