Luxury Real Estate May Be This Economy’s Best Investment

Luxury living is not simply about money invested; luxury living is the richness of the experience, which cannot be measured by a price tag alone. It’s about location, architectural design, and custom amenities — it’s all in the execution of every detail. During this time of economic unpredictability, when a dozen eggs are considered a […]

How to Make Your New Jersey Home More Attractive to Buyers in 2023

It is not a good time for homeowners thinking about buying a new home in New Jersey these days. The housing market in the state has been suffering from a combination of high-interest rates and a low inventory that is deterring potential homeowners from considering making an investment.  However, the houses on sale command a […]

Why Generative AI Is The Next Frontier in Building Design

The design and engineering process is one of the most exciting and crucial stages of the overall construction process, but it is fundamentally constrained by the current generation of design tools. When computer-aided design (CAD) systems were introduced more than four decades ago, they were transformative for their time. Since then, the construction industry has […]


City Ventures, California’s leading builder of eco-friendly, solar, all-electric homes, has announced the official opening of Rosewood Village, a new neighborhood of 31 homes in Commerce, California. To commemorate the neighborhood’s formal introduction, Mayor Oralia Rebello joined the City Ventures team alongside additional special guests – the family members of 95-year-old Mrs. Valentina “Val” Bassett, […]

Reasons Why You Need a Construction Trailer

In a construction site, there is usually so much going on. The different equipment and materials, the tools, and even the workers need to be organized efficiently. This is why you need a construction trailer. It provides a great way to organize all these items in one place. The only hurdle is finding a trailer […]

Fire-Rated Glass Market Size is projected to reach USD 11.95 Billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 11.2%: Straits Research

Tests on fire resistance have demonstrated that a specific kind of glass, known as fire-resistant glass provides long-lasting fire protection. Fire-resistant glass products are used to stop fire and smoke because they can stop radiant and conduction heat transfer. They also provide better impact, thermal, and acoustic performance. Its efficacy can be ascertained by assessing how well […]