The Ultimate Guide for Your Summer Holiday Preparation

Summer vacation is one of the times of the year that many people have been waiting for. It’s an opportunity to relax, explore new places, and create great memories with family and friends. However, for your summer holidays to run smoothly and enjoyably, some preparations need to be made beforehand. Here is the ultimate guide […]

How You Can Segregate Your Internal Office Space Without Losing Valuable Working Areas

In the past, opening up office areas to make one large communal working area became very fashionable. This was supposed to promote communication between office staff and therefore improve teamwork. However, in more recent years, open-plan working spaces have been proven, according to Mute and other sources, to reduce output, cause employee stress, lower concentration […]

How To Look After The Health Of Your Employees In The Workplace

When it comes to the health of your employees, there’s always something more you can do to help ensure they’re well looked after. It’s not just the pandemic that has caused more concern for public health but for businesses, employees are coming to work every day. Your employees, although they may not work for the […]

5 Ways Technology Revolutionize Your Remote Work Experience

In 2020, there was a radical shift from the traditional office as the pandemic raved worldwide. This resulted in a work-from-home economy that will continue to be a mainstay long after the pandemic subsides.   Today, it is common to find businesses that allow employees to work from home and workers who have remote jobs. The […]

The Benefits of IoT in the Construction Industry

Over the past few years, the construction industry has seen a major transformation, and technology has played a vital role in this transformation. IoT, or the Internet of Things, has played a profound role in the evolution of the construction industry. IoT refers to a network of physical devices, vehicles, appliances, and other devices embedded […]

Celebrating Earth Day with Natural Light

 Celebrating Earth Day with Innovative Daylighting Solutions By reducing the need for electric lighting in buildings, daylighting can help businesses reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and improve the health and wellbeing of the occupants within. Both Solatube International and Kingspan Light + Air have a long history of providing high-quality daylighting solutions to businesses […]