7 Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Home a New and Expensive Look

As homeowners, we want to create a space that looks and feels expensive without breaking the bank. We’ve all seen those stunning home decor photos on social media or in magazines and wished we could afford a professional decorator to give our homes a similar look. The good part is you don’t have to be […]

FMI study reveals: Why is the U.S.A emerging as the market leader for epoxy putty and Construction Chemicals holding 38% share?

Construction chemicals are broadly used for waterproofing repairs, bonding agents, crack and expansion joint fillers, tile adhesives, retarders, plasticizers, air entraining compounds accelerators and others. Epoxy putty is a hardening substance utilized as a space-filling adhesive in the construction industry. Construction chemicals are mainly classified into product segments such as protective coatings and sealers, grouts […]

Belwith Keeler Celebrates 130th Year, Set to Make Big Announcements

Most companies don’t get the chance to celebrate their tridecaCentennial (130th) anniversary. In 2023, Belwith Keeler Décor Solutions® will head into a milestone 130th year of operation. And how do you mark such an occasion? By making plans for the next 100 years. “Good design is timeless, and Belwith Keeler Décor Solutions remains a leader […]