CCCT with Steve Matley, President from Coast 2 Coast Equities

  CCCT with Steve Matley, President from Coast 2 Coast Equities Video     CCCT sat down with Steve Matley, President from Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc. is a Florida based C-Corporation owned and managed by three partners, each of whom are veterans of real estate, entitlement, land development and investing. Individually, each partner also […]

Custom Home Construction: What to Expect During The Building Process

It may be an exciting and fulfilling experience to build a bespoke house. It’s an opportunity to design a living space that perfectly suits your lifestyle and reflects your personal style.  However, the custom home construction process can also be overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the building process. That’s why it’s important to […]

6 Ways You Can Make Starting A Business Easier For Yourself

Starting a business can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task. With the right guidance, planning, and preparation, you can make starting a business easier for yourself and increase your chances of succeeding. We will discuss six tips that will help simplify the process. Additionally, make sure to do your […]

The Rise of Alternative Lending and its Benefits Over Traditional Lending Methods

As businesses and individuals increasingly search for a fast, convenient way to access loans, alternative lending has emerged as an attractive financing option. Compared to traditional methods which can be restrictive in terms of qualifications and take time for loan approval decisions, its flexible nature enables borrowers to quickly secure necessary funds. In this article, […]

CCCT with Ben Johnston, COO from Kapitus

  CCCT with Ben Johnston , COO with Kapitus Video     CCCT sat down with Ben Johnston, COO from Kapitus that is a lending platform for small business with a concentration on the construction marketplace. With hundreds of financing options available for today’s business owner, determining the right financing product for you and your […]