Joulea Launches Revolutionary Software to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Energy Costs in Commercial Buildings

Joulea, a new cutting-edge software platform, is reducing energy costs and consumption for commercial buildings using rocket science. Its launch marks the creation of an innovative assessment of all building systems and external factors to lower and track carbon emissions, streamline reporting and compliance, optimize day-to-day building system performance and reduce overall portfolio energy costs. […]

Which thermostat is right for my commercial building?

If I asked you, is your commercial property energy efficient? Would your answer be yes? According to the U.S. Environment Protection Agency, commercial buildings waste about 30% of their energy.  By installing a thermostat, you maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system. However, it might feel overwhelming with so many different types on the market. […]

POWER CEO signs DEI Action Pledge

POWER Engineers Inc. CEO Jim Haynes signed the CEO Action Pledge for Diversity & Inclusion late last month, moving the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts another step forward. The pledge, which can be viewed at, commits POWER to the following: Making the company a safe place for conversations about diversity and inclusion Implementing […]

10 Reasons Why Uniform Rental Programs Are a Smart Choice for Construction Companies

As a construction business owner, you know your employees are the backbone of your operation. Keeping them safe, happy, and productive on the job site is vital. Safety is paramount in the construction industry, and most employers strive to create a safe, comfortable working environment for their employees.  One of the best ways to ensure […]

fleetenergies uses its RILCO AI engine for decarbonization

This technology is for industrialists who wish to draw up and follow action plans for their haulage subcontractors with a view to reducing their carbon footprint. fleetenergies announces the deployment of its RILCO AI technology, which enables it to integrate and enrich a single database with information about the fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and usage of […]