ECM Tech Teams Up with AC Wise for Asia

Phoenix-based ECM Technologies, a leading innovator in HVAC efficiency and energy conservation solutions, is proud to announce its strategic international partnership with Singapore-based company, AC Wise, to distribute ThermaClear® – a groundbreaking HVAC anti thermal degradation technology – to the Asian market. As the demand for energy efficient and sustainable technology grows, ThermaClear’s entry into […]

Winter-Ready HVAC: Heat Pumps for Cold Climate

Heat pumps can help homeowners decarbonize and save on energy costs; however, in extremely cold temperatures they may falter. Learn more about the types of machines and general maintenance involved if you’re looking into keeping your home even warmer, this winter. Variable-Speed Compressor These machines use technology from air conditioning units to move energy from […]

What Are The Benefits Of Adding An Awning To A Home?

The installation of an awning can significantly improve both your home’s appearance and functionality. Awnings are adaptable architectural elements that offer several advantages in addition to their aesthetic value. They provide shade, energy efficiency, weather protection, and the chance to personalize the exterior of your home. There are several benefits to installing an awning on […]

Understanding Water Heater Ratings: Making Sense Of Energy Efficiency Labels

When shopping for a new water heater, you’ve likely come across stickers plastered on the units showcasing their energy efficiency ratings. These labels, while crucial, can sometimes confuse the average consumer, making the buying decision more challenging. The truth is, understanding these ratings is the key to ensuring you get a unit that’s both efficient […]

Six Upgrades to Lower a Building’s Energy Consumption Propane is a reliable and efficient energy source

As the commercial construction industry continues to focus on sustainability, it’s more important than ever to power buildings and developments with clean energy sources like propane. Powering critical systems and appliances with propane can help maximize efficiency and cost savings while reducing a building’s carbon footprint. Propane’s versatility extends to a wide variety of applications […]