The Importance of Access Control in Large Commercial Buildings

Access control is a critical aspect of building security. In large commercial buildings, access control systems help to guarantee the safety of employees, visitors, and assets. In addition, the integration of access control with other security systems can provide a comprehensive security solution and improve the overall security of the building. Here are some best […]

5 Reasons As To Why You Need Liability Insurance As An Engineer

From blueprints to buildings, the work of an engineer shapes the world around us. However, it’s a role that comes with significant responsibility and risk. This is why liability insurance is not just a luxury, but a necessity, as we will explain below. If you’re an engineer, or someone who is working within the construction […]

Recession-Proof Your Business: eSUB Releases 4 Things You Can Learn from Trade Contractors

There’s almost a 100% chance the US will head into a recession within 12 months, according to the latest research by Wall Street investor think-tank, The Conference Board. That has some business owners thinking hard about how to recession-proof their companies right now. In response, eSUB Construction Software is releasing four things businesses can do […]

Materials and an aging workforce: Inflation’s impact on construction

Over the past 24 months, inflation has heavily impacted the construction industry. One contributing factor to the issue is that construction firms that locked in pricing through guaranteed maximum price contracts are now grappling with rising material costs. Having to pay out of their pocket, firms’ already thin profit margins are becoming strained. Even more, […]

How Online Document Verification Works & its Benefits

Online document verification has become crucial for identity disclosure in businesses and banks. It is a valuable tool in the current digital era, where the remote environment is familiar everywhere. You do not have to visit the office physically for the document attestation.   It may not be mind-blowing for you, but it becomes an OG […]

Locking in and Looking Forward

Over the last few years, the lumber industry was the topic of conversation over dinner tables and boardrooms across the US. The rising cost of lumber – especially unprecedented prices never seen before – was affecting the price of everything from kitchen cabinets to commercial construction. This of course, was attributed to many different factors […]