Using Positive Displacement Blowers – Vacuum Pumps, Parts & More

Positive displacement blowers provide metal plants with considerable savings in terms of both fuel and supplies and make the entire production process more streamlined and organized. PD blowers operate under the time-tested volumetric principle. Their two rotors mesh via synchronization gears and are protected by a casing to form an effective blower unit. Read on […]

The Importance of Reliable Air Compressors in the Commercial Construction Industry

Introduction Air compressors, often considered the ‘backbone’ of the construction industry, are indispensable tools that power a wide range of machinery and equipment. Their versatility, efficiency, and reliability make them a critical component in various construction processes. This article delves into the importance of using reliable air compressors in the commercial construction industry, highlighting their […]

Interview with Secop Group CEO – Secop’s plans and perspectives in the medical business area

In a recent interview, Secop CEO Jan Ehlers shared insights about the company’s industry-lead technology, offered expertise on the current marketplace and provided an overall outlook. What innovative solutions are you developing for medical applications?  For stationary and mobile applications, we are developing new cooling units for ultra-low temperature area, designed with a cascade of […]

General Air and Cortec Harness Patented VpCI® Technology for Fire Sprinkler Corrosion Mitigation

General Air Products has partnered with Cortec® Corporation to develop a Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor delivery system for corrosion mitigation of fire sprinkler systems. General Air Products calls this new Vapor Pipe Shield “A game-changing innovation in corrosion prevention technology for dry [and] pre-action fire sprinkler systems.” Cortec® is excited about the opportunity it opens […]